South Africa Business Awards 2018

10 MEA MARKETS / 2018 South African Business Awards , Malala Tau Tours and Services is one of the SA’s leading tourism consultancies, delivering high quality tourism strategies, marketing plans, feasibility studies and a range of other services to clients across Africa and worldwide. We profiled the innovative company and spoke to Sipho Gift Phala, as we looked to gain an insight into the extensive success that the teamhas achieved. Tour Operator of the Year 2018 ExploreAFRICA Nelson Mandela’s Home, Mandela House / Museum. 8115 Vilakazi Street Founded in 1990, Malala-Tau offers a wealth of specialist experience in tourism, with clients ranging from international bodies and national and local government to tourism enterprises, heritage and environmental agencies and local communities. Boasting a dedicated team of professionals, Malala-Tau Tourism Services is working towards establishing itself as the dominant and most efficient provider of safe, reliable and economic private transport providers in the South African Tourism industry. Striving to provide the best service it can, the team’s mission is to combine innovative ideas and realistic solutions with the principles of sustainable tourism at their heart. The company’s highly- experienced, knowledgeable, creative and multi-lingual team of staff help client’s keep ahead of the competition by providing a creative, reliable and professional service. Helping attract tourists to South Africa from all over the world, Malala-Tau is at the forefront of a continually improving, customer- focused private transport service. Brimming with creativity, the team amongst the company works hard to be innovative in strategy and planning, resulting in Malala- Tau entering into new business ventures for the benefit of all stakeholders. Paramount to the firm’s success is the safety of its clients and its unrivalled customer service. The passengers at Malala-Tau always come first and therefore their safety in terms of vehicle standards and driver consistency is essential. With tourists and guests travelling from all over the world, it is vital SA180008 that Sipho Gift Phala and his team are able to ensure that the company provides a reliable, punctual service in terms of flight details, pick up and drop off, leaving guests satisfied with their experience and hungry to return for more. With South Africa being such a wonderful place to visit, the team at Malala-Tau go into overdrive in order to provide an efficient and luxurious service to tourists. Looking to be efficient, staff ensure that the service provided to tourists is streamlined in order to provide the most important and satisfactory services. Additionally, it is important for staff to ensure that Malala-Tau is driven