MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 Jul23007 Nov21612 Smart Card Solutions Driven by Quality, Speed, and Affordability Serving clients in both financial and nonfinancial sectors, CardForté’s selection of products and digital solutions offer an end-to-end service that spans from card manufacturing to identity management. For its exceptional offerings, the company has been named Most Innovative Smart Card Solutions Provider, Nigeria, in the African Excellence Awards 2023. Here, we delve deeper into its mission, values, products, and services. n 2020, CardForté was established in order to help bridge the financial inclusion gap in Nigeria by contributing towards national development via the card manufacturing space. The company designs, manufactures, and prints card products for clients in various sectors of the Nigerian economy, including but not limited to public, finance, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and education. Across these industries, CardForté’s products and services have many applications. For example, it offers payment cards for banks, high security identification cards, travel cards for public transport, patient identification cards for healthcare, sim cards, retail and loyalty cards, key cards for hotels, campus IDs for educational institutions, and government ID cards. It also offers a wide range of other solutions and services to the Nigerian market, including card printers, issuance solutions, and self-service kiosks. Since its establishment, CardForté has continuously demonstrated innovation through the creation and provision of value-added products. For example, one of its first launches to take the market by storm was an ecofriendly card, made from natural wood to meet the physical characteristics of the ISO standard. Usefully, in light of the recent pandemic, the company also provides a self-sanitising card that disinfects for up to three years. I Moreover, for VIP card design, CardForté offers metal cards that can be customised in terms of weight and quality based on the needs of the client. They can even be made with gold for the utmost luxury. Metal payment cards are quickly becoming a key brand differentiator for Financial Institutions and Fintechs. The product is expected to continue to increase in popularity amongst cardholders who desire unique, custom, and personalised cards, with issuance projected to have tripled between 2018 and 2024. CardForté’s metal card collection offers the flexibility to create distinct, sophisticated designs that accentuate the client’s brand while offering security and superior durability. Registered in Nigeria and indigenously owned, CardForté was founded by a management team with over two decades of combined experience in the smart card and business sectors. This extensive experience in the card design, manufacturing, production, and distribution space makes the company uniquely equipped to meet the requirements of its clients. CardForté’s primary goal is to produce and deliver smart card products and solutions that are simultaneously high-quality and affordable. In this, it aims to become a leader in its field and a household name across both Nigeria and Africa, known for offering world class card products and solutions with the best value for quality, speed, and affordability. CardForté has taken several steps to ensure that it achieves these goals. Firstly, all its cards are designed, printed, and manufactured locally in Nigeria, enabling it to maintain total control over the quality of its finished products. Secondly, CardForté prides itself on its excellent speed of service. When clients submit a card request, the company’s team will process it as soon as possible to provide a quick quote. Then, with the use of state-of-the-art technology and automated processes, the order can be dispatched in an efficient manner. These factors allow the company to offer services that are timely and reliable. Customers can trust that their order will be delivered within five working days. Lastly, CardForté offers the cost-effective option of flexible, durable, and lightweight PVC cards. This means that, alongside its higher end offerings, it is able to deliver the utmost affordability. As well as this, with no required minimum order, the company caters to businesses of all sizes, personalising its solutions to meet the client’s unique requirements. The customer is at the heart of everything CardForté does. For this reason, it operates based on five key core values with the goal of providing them with the best possible experience. Firstly, committed to continuous improvement, CardForté is always searching for ways in which it can enhance its products, services, and people. Secondly, in all aspects of its operations, the company strives for excellence, aiming to maintain best in class practices across all facets to deliver 5-star products and services to its clients. Thirdly, CardForté values integrity, so it ensures that its staff maintain the highest standard of conduct and ethics in everything they do. Moreover, its fourth value is centred around delivering the best customer service, an area in which it aims to exceed its competitors. Lastly, CardForté pledges to offer value to each of its esteemed shareholders and stakeholders. Overall, CardForté’s bespoke products and solutions are truly second to none, offering boundless value and innovative features to clients across the Nigerian market. In light of this, it is no surprise that the company has been named Most Innovative Smart Card Solutions Provider, Nigeria, in the African Excellence Awards 2023.