MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 11 Jun23158 Best Solar Water Heating Systems Provider 2023 - Kenya Investing in solar is a huge decision for any individual to make. Regardless of whether it’s for domestic purposes, or is intended for corporate use, there are many factors that go into opting for solar heating products. Thankfully, Steelstone Kenya Limited (Steelstone) has established itself as an allencompassing solar heating systems provider to be trusted, and we explore how its avid devotion to fantastic service has helped it to spread the usage of quality solar heating systems throughout Kenya. Steelstone is a Kenya-based engineering company that has an undeniably high level of prowess in a plethora of fields, products, and capabilities. However, its most notable specialities include mechanical engineering, auto-mechanical services, fabrication vision, fluting division, and solar and wind energy solutions. Having always held a tight focus on delivering the best possible products, all whilst adhering to fantastic customer service, Steelstone has set a new standard within the region that has yet to be replicated. Its innovative, quality-assured engineering solutions are simply second to none. Upon inception, Steelstone set out to accomplish one resounding goal – to provide society with workable and practical solutions within the rapidly growing engineering world, all whilst matching the pace of evolving dynamics throughout the industry. This, partnered with its determination to make full use of the potential that solar energy has to offer, sets it apart as a company that truly has an eye for the future of engineering. It recognises the need for green sources of energy, and has worked itself around the challenges posed in order to forge a more ecologically aware pathway for the sector. This has all been accomplished through Steelstone’s overwhelming commitment to several principles. Above all else, the team is guided by integrity, steadfast teamwork, innovation, quality assurance, and ethical practises. Not only do these qualities assist it in being one of the most beneficial work environments in Kenya, but it grants Steelstone the chance to produce all that its clients could require. Be it products or trust, Steelstone has garnered both aplenty, resulting in a fantastic reputation that has the entire industry talking. In addition, Steelstone also presents customers with an unshakable sense of confidence that makes it a standout within the engineering field. It has an unapologetic passion for its craft, and this shines through the quality of each and every product. As such, Steelstone has committed itself to ensuring each of its products come with a one-year warranty, all in the hopes of promoting longevity throughout its range. And, with a myriad of highly trained experts on hand for services, customers can expect a level of assistance not found elsewhere within the sector. Steelstone’s biggest draw, however, is its work with solar energy solutions. It has installed hundreds of thousands of systems throughout the years since its establishment, and has over 30 years of industry knowledge backing each individual process. It has long since made a name for itself as Kenya’s go-to free energy experts, amassing it a robust reputation that shows no signs of faltering. If clients are in need of information, Steelstone is able to deliver in spades. And, if the next step goes ahead, its talented team is more than prepared to establish a sound solar energy system that’s able to brave even the harshest of conditions. There isn’t anything quite like Steelstone. The faith that it has in its team, as well as the respect that it shows for its clients, is simply unmistakable. It’s these qualities that make it such an astoundingly successful company, and we’re sure that it’ll continue to blow Kenya away with its industry prowess. We’re proud to present Steelstone with this award, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve alongside the solar energy solutions field in the coming years. Contact: Arvinder Singh Company: Steelstone Kenya Limited Web Address: