MEA Q3 2023

MEA / Q3 2023 10 Jun23594 Best Integrated Marketing & Communication Consultancy Firm 2023 - Nigeria Uniting every aspect of marketing, Integrated Indigo Limited (Indigo®) has altered the way its clients experience integrated marketing – all for the growth of their business. Winning a title in the African Excellence Awards 2023 is no small feat, and Indigo® is truly worthy of its impressive title. Here we take a closer look at what the business does as it wins its accolade. ntegrated marketing is similar to multi-channel marketing, where the brand voice and image translates seamlessly across its many platforms. When looking for a seasoned professional to handle our marketing and communications needs, we can’t go wrong with Indigo®. As a member of the Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN), Indigo® focuses on three core areas: public relations, events, and experiential marketing. Whether it’s through online presence or in-person public relations, Indigo® guarantees a service which puts its clients at the top of the list for their sectors. “Using strategic insights, we help our clients execute Public Relations campaigns including Corporate Perception Management, Product PR, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Community Relations and Publicity/Media Relations” Indigo® was created by great minds who “provide creative insights and spot-on ideas” while working hard to build brand strength across the board. Helping its clients to stay more than relevant in the current moment, Indigo® ensures that their presence stands the test of time. The company believes in partnership, professionalism, and integrity, and it is these core values that propel it forwards on a daily basis. The energy spent on each client has amassed to its award-winning status – making it a notable choice for a plethora of marketing needs. Indigo® is more than a buttress for its clients, it breathes life into their public relations in order for them to learn more about themselves and their offerings. Partnering with its clients in a professional and creative way, Indigo® thinks outside the box so that its clients can reap the benefits. This ensures that its clients gain more followers, customers, and stakeholders’ trust, business, and credibility. “Our mission is to add value to clients’ businesses through creative marketing communication solutions.” Building reputations, and gaining trust for its many clients, Indigo® has swiftly made a name for itself as the go-to place for a better future in business. By handing public relations, marketing, and communications, the company guarantees a business is entirely well-received. Indigo® has now won Best Integrated Marketing & Communication Consultancy Firm 2023 – Nigeria, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it does in the years to come. The future is bright for the company as its staff continue to impress their clients with rich expertise and experience. If you’d like to find out more about Indigo®, please head over to its website. Contact: Adeyemo Adeleye Company: Integrated Indigo Limited Web Address: I “Our vision is to be in the ‘A’ league of the new generation of professional Marketing Communication Agencies in Nigeria and Anglophone West Africa.”