MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 27 Mar22289 Best Wood-Fired Pizza Restaurant – Abu Dhabi Finding a place that provides the most delicious, versatile, and sumptuous pizza can be difficult if you have a refined taste for it. Especially if you love wood-fired pizza that is cooked just right, time and time again. Pizza is a beloved food choice of many, and Sopranos delivers every time. Here we take a closer look at the menu of artisan pizza as it wins this prestigious award. ushrif and Musaffah are bustling locations just full to the brim with people hungry for the best pizza and Sopranos is there to satisfy their taste for perfection. By drawing heat from a real fire of crackling, smouldering, and burning wood, wood-fired pizza has a taste like no other. Sopranos uses this method to create its tasty dishes, and all for a fair price. Sopranos restaurants are truly hubs for happiness and heartfelt flavours, textures, and colours in pizza form. As a pizza lover, you can host pizza parties in the restaurant and make your special occasion one to really remember. Additionally, you can order online and have your pizza delivered for a cosy night in. The choice is yours! Boasting an impressive menu of over 15 different pizzas, Sopranos takes things to the next level for its customers. There are margheritas, vegetarian, vegan flatbreads, BBQ, spicy chicken, alfredo, and many more. And, if that’s not enough variation, you can also completely customise your slices with creative combinations of colours and flavours – ready for Sopranos to produce exactly what you feel like eating and what you will truly love. Creating sides such as macaroni cheese, potato wedges, mozzarella sticks, bruschetta, and more, Sopranos, yet again, has a long list of deliciously diverse dishes that will leave you feeling fulfilled. You will want to come back for more of its wood-fired pizza, tasty meatballs, and delicious desserts such as burnt basque cheesecake, profiteroles, and chocolate calzone. Inclusive to everyone, there is something that the whole family will like and something for every dietary requirement – pushing Sopranos into deep waters of success. This is due to its hard work and commitment to the customer and, with the demand in the market, Sopranos shows no sign of slowing down. We are proud to present Sopranos with the enviable accolade of Best Wood-Fired Pizza Restaurant – Abu Dhabi and, if you are in the area, we urge you to try it out. You will be pleasantly inspired and fully satisfied. Contact: Ghulmiyyah Ghulmiyyah Company: Sopranos Web Address: M