MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 21 Retained Search Headhunting Firm of the Year 2022 & Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 Located in the UAE, Guildhall is a premier headhunting firm that offers its services across multiple continents. Its establishment in 2014 induced a new wave of HR and recruitment techniques that, over time, have proven to be incredibly effective. Indeed, Guildhall is unique, innovative, and a force to be reckoned with. Premium executive search and HR services are Guildhall’s speciality. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the firm has risen to a leading position within the industry, achieving success thanks to its pioneering of the high quality, bespoke executive search service. Prior to its inception, it took into consideration the needs of its prospective customer base, and as a result, Guildhall has revolutionised the headhunting process. Since its 2014 creation, Guildhall has provided consultancy services to over 210 companies and has placed over 1,800 candidates throughout the MENA region. Moreover, thanks to its innovative approach, the firm has been presented with the opportunity to work on a range of unique projects in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the GCC. Within its geographical catchment area, Guildhall has delved into an array of sectors, including banking and finance, infrastructure, retail, education, and more. Guildhall firmly believes that no client should have a bad experience, and it emphasises this by wholeheartedly embodying the fundamental elements of client centricity – transparency and trust. These traits are infused within each aspect of the business, as it endeavours to provide both jobseekers and employers with an unbeatable, tailored service. Moreover, it is imperative that the company upholds a true sense of integrity in order to cultivate client loyalty. This is an approach that has spawned from over 30 years of practical experience in some of the world’s most prestigious organisations. Such experience and ingenuity stems from the team itself – they are some of the industry’s top players who are both naturally talented and expertly trained. The company searches for affable and creative individuals who are able to curate solutions based on the client’s core needs. Without team members like these, the company would fail. In essence, the team is the very thing that allows the company to thrive – to blossom into a market leading business. Throughout numerous challenges, the team have acted as a catalyst for resilience. This was particularly notable during the Covid-19 pandemic, within which Guildhall saw an unprecedented rise in demand for its senior executive search services. In addition, many of the company’s long-term clients – meaning they have been with the company for over a decade – were using this time to overhaul their businesses, largely through digital transformation. Henceforth, Guildhall had to bolster its communications and collaboration in order to meet this demand. This trend is predicted to continue throughout the current year; henceforth, Guildhall is planning exciting growth in to senior vacancies across the MENA and APAC regions. Furthermore, the company is currently developing an online platform through which it will offer a wider range of services to clients, ranging from online consultations, CV design and social media management. Contact: Rami Nahim Company: Guildhall Web Address: Mar22250