MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 17 Jan22423 An Artisan Approach When we think of the finest coffees, we know that at the heart of every single sip is beans that are roasted to perfection. The team at Jumo Coffee Roasters Seoulkool Egaila have made it their business to lead the way and have achieved incredible success in this regard. In the MEA Business Awards, this intrepid crew were named Coffee Roasters of the Year – Kuwait. We dig a little deeper to discover some of the secrets of the team’s incredible success. When turning to the team at Jumo Coffee Roasters, it’s worth considering what drives them forward. It’s not just an incredible degree of skill, but a passion for the industry as a whole. When you ask a member of staff what they strive for, they will tell you they strive for pleasure every time. Coffee, to this team, is about pleasure. It’s about that warming feeling with every mug. To perfect that warming feeling is no mean feat, with many years and thousands of miles going into every drink that involves the Jumo Coffee Roasters team. They do not provide the drink, but focus on supplying cafes and restaurants with the highest possible quality of coffee beans. Their approach is one which puts craft at the centre of the business, with everything created by hand. From baking to bagging, compromise is not an option. This means that other businesses are able to enjoy unparalleled success as a result of the team’s commitment to quality. With such a long journey from bean to mug, Jumo Coffee Roasters stands apart as it celebrates the varied cultural journey that its products undertake. The team currently uses single origin Arabica beans from Peru, El Salvador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, India, Ethiopia and Rwanda. The choice of bean varies enormously, with crop cycles bringing fresh takes to the fore throughout the year. Every coffee is sampled first to ensure it brings the ultimate in taste and quality to the team’s customers. This means that the Jumo Coffee Roasters team always has something new to bring to the table. Many businesses simply present a product as their own, but the Jumo Coffee Roasters team embrace and honor the unique heritage that goes into every bean. Coffee is inherently exciting, with various complex tastes depending on where their product originates. The Jumo Coffee Roasters team hosts numerous cultural events to showcase and celebrate how their product interacts with countries around the world. It’s easy to see how the team has achieved such success through championing such an inclusive approach. Of course, it is not just the bean which makes a difference to the taste of coffee. The team uses a Diedrich IR12 Coffee Roaster which uses radiant heat to roast the coffee beans evenly. At such low temperatures that optimum roasting standards are achieved easily. The team tastes and analyses what is being offered, taking the time to ensure total satisfaction before products are sold to customers. By carrying out this process continuously, the Jumo Coffee Roasters team are able to have complete control over what they offer to their clients. Quality lies at the heart of what the Jumo Coffee Roasters team offers to cafes and restaurants around the world. Their product is one which is built on the skill and experience of so many, and each of these skills is celebrated by the team. We celebrate their success too, and cannot wait to see what they deliver in the months to come. Company: Jumo Coffee Roasters Seoulkool Egaila Name: Fatima Kamara Email: [email protected]