MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 16 Jan22414 Solar Solutions For All The industry for renewable energy is booming. With more demand than ever before, companies are struggling to supply appropriately. The team at Nova Energia S.A.L. are committed to changing the way people see energy. In the MEA Business Awards 2021, the team were named Best Renewable Energy Solutions Provider – Lebanon. We take a closer look to discover how they managed to secure this success. switch to clean solar energy is one which many have begun to take, but not enough have taken advantage of. Around the world, people continue to depend on generators powered by oil when a solar solution would not only be cheaper, but more efficient in the long run. The team at Nova Energia do not simply provide cleaner energy, therefore, but are changing the way in which people think. The benefits of a solar solution are numerous indeed, being considerably cheaper whilst offering 100% less noise and pollution. Based as the team are in Lebanon, access to the essential sunny days that keep power coming is straightforward indeed. There are few places more ideally suited to solar panelling, and few companies keener to find ways of fitting them throughout the region. The Nova Energia team offer a warranty on their products that extends to potentially 10 years, with the panels they install expected to last 25 years. Such a degree of reliability can seldom be found in a diesel generator of any sort. Many see solar panels as a part-time solution, only useful during the day. The use of sophisticated batteries, however, allow for any excess to be stored for the duration. This means that during the night, energy expenses are minimal as less power is drawn from the national grid. By providing alternative energy in this way, the impact of a fault in either system is considerably lessened. The team offer a comprehensive service to their clients, beginning with the initial consultation wherein the details of fitting are established. A quote means that the right system for the specifics of the situation can be quickly determined through a staff who are experts in the field. From this point, the Nova Energia engineers perform the necessary system design. This is bespoke, and perfectly suited to the needs of each individual project. Careful placement means that solar panels are ideally fitted to make the most of what is available. Finally, the team install the new solar system to the highest standards. When considering what the Nova Energia team offers, it’s easy to see that their solution is superior in every respect. Where other companies will subcontract and find the cheapest deal, this is a team able to offer every demand in house. By doing so, they not only eliminate unnecessary costs, but guarantee that their work is completed to the highest possible standards. When it comes to energy consumption, there are very few who know more. The world of solar energy solutions is one which has gained new fame over the last few years. More and more people are looking to stem their carbon footprint. Thanks to the efforts of companies such as Nova Energia, this dream is set to become reality for many thousands of people across Lebanon. Company: Nova Energia S.A.L. Name: Joe Hawi Email: [email protected] A The team at Nova Energia do not simply provide cleaner energy, therefore, but are changing the way in which people think.