MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 15 Best Extrusion Manufacturing Company 2021 As one of the jewels in the crown of aluminium extrusion products, Aluminium Products Company has been working hard to learn, grow, and create. With exemplary lines of offerings that are sure to increase the environmental sustainability of a building, benefitting its structurally as well as benefitting the people who use the space, its international service has earned it repute across a variety of borders. In short, with friends across all areas of its industry vertical, it has built its reputation out of simple extrusions tailored to fit customer demand. eing a Saudi Joint Stock Company, Aluminium Products Company has grown up based on market co-operation. Fundamentally, by forging good will with its peers and market segment, it has been able to secure itself as one of the leading companies in aluminium extruded profiles; each of its product lines boast different shapes, surfaces, and treatments, from mill finish to powder coated, adonized, wood finished, and polished. Despite the differences in style, what remains constant is the quality. Aluminium Products Company has cut its teeth on developing and maintaining an impeccably high standard of product throughout its growth as a company, standards that are confirmed by the relevant governing bodies. By compliance with the regulations of bodies such as European, German, American, and Saudi quality assurance, it ensures that a customer never has to simply take its word for it when it comes to its results. Instead, they can turn to the amount of industry clout it has accrued by proving the excellence of its products to the right people. Furthermore, as it moves forever forward towards energy sustainability and goals of ecological balance, it continues to change its own internal processes to better help with this, forming strategic partnerships with companies like ALUK and ALUBOND in order to learn from the existing innovations in its industry. By showing respect, interest, and an insatiable hankering for learning, it has made itself a gem amongst its peers, one that its sector is happy to work with. Thus, ALUPCO has been able to use the knowledge gained over time to develop its architectural thermal break systems with this company, allowing windows and curtain walls to minimize heat loss from inside a building. This has earned notoriety in its industry for the quality of innovation that has gone into every part of its ideation, and its sales offices in Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh, UAE, and Egypt ensure that customers can be talked through all of this and more before they commit to buying. Serving clients all over the world – past and present – it looks forward to the developments it will be able to bring to them in the future, promising that it is just getting started. Company: Aluminium Products Company Contact: Khaled Abdel-Moneim Website: B Jan22377 AluminiumProducts Company has cut its teeth on developing andmaintaining an impeccably high standard of product throughout its growth as a company, standards that are confirmed by the relevant governing bodies.