MEA Q2 2022

MEA / Q2 2022 11 - Feb22653 Best eCommerce Technology Company 2022 - MENA Specialising in various services within its niche market, IQ Fulfillment develops several offerings to clients and business professionals in the region of eCommerce and AI robotics. Established as the Best eCommerce Technology Company 2022, IQ Fulfillment was launched to respond to the increasingly demanding fulfilment industry of the MENA region. IQ Fulfillment was launched as the first robotics fulfilment centre in 2019 in Dubai within the MENA region. With that, the company established significant founding principles that intend to support the needs of SMEs, incubators, accelerators, and eCommerce players. By supporting this vast range of clients across these sectors, the company’s developments enable it to expand and increase its business growth in a timely manner. In addition, based on a mission to eliminate the separation between customers and businesses, IQ Fulfillment uses tech-enabled fulfilment centres under a unified platform to address this issue. These platforms have a 99.9% picking accuracy rate. Because of this, the company works each day tirelessly to ensure it can continuously provide efficient and effective innovative solutions to its range of customers – allowing them to focus on what really matters, their company. Described as the first AI and robotics powered warehousing and fulfilment solution within the MENA region, IQ Fulfilment specialises in several services such as cash on delivery, robotic picking, packing and protection, branding services, sorting, cross-dock, kitting and bundling, customised value-added services, storage, labelling and Tagging, Dimensioning, and quality check process, to name a few. IQ Fulfillment was established to develop a solution that supports companies filling the logistics industry gap by providing eCommerce businesses with the edge needed to distinguish themselves in the market and build a strong reputation against competitors and compete and thrive in the fast-evolving and everchanging industry. IQ Fulfillment does this by bringing together cutting-edge technology and industry experts worldwide and creates the most advanced and intelligent robotic solutions with the highest quality and innovative software platforms to ensure the most efficient and innovative revolutionary solutions for a business. One of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide is the eCommerce industry, and with great reason too – for it changes just as fast as the individuals who run it. Moreover, the MENA region has been highly regarded as one of the most significant areas connected to this sector because of its ability to keep up with global trends. Run by CEO Fadi Amoudi, his journey toward leading a successful company began when he moved to Dubai in 2018 and branched out into the eCommerce industry within the MENA region. With an extensive background in FMCG combined with his passion for technology and robotics, Fadi dabbled with the idea of establishing an e-grocery platform. However, as he noticed the increasing challenges within the fulfilment and logistics industry, Fadi decided to put his drive and effort into something else, and thus, IQ Fulfillment was born. Fadi took on these problems that riddled the industry and utilised his experience and expertise to create a successful business by supporting other companies to create effective solutions that render the original challenges down. With Dubai being the quinticental location to begin this business, with its cutting edge and technological advances in robotics, Fadi discovered that his move not only changed his zip code but his career path. Thus, he began developing solutions that could cope with the growing demands of the eCommerce business – now a hub recognised worldwide for being the Best eCommerce Technology Company in the MENA region. Company Name: IQ Fulfillment Web Address: Contact name: Joelle Beyrouthy