MEA Q2 2021

18 MEA MARKETS / Q2 2021 , Dec20204 The UAE is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, acting as a beacon for those in the MEA region. Leading the way forward in terms of new construction projects for the area are the teambehind Dhabi Contracting LLC. In theMEA Business Awards 2020, the business was named Best Contemporary Civil Engineering & Construction Company – UAE. We dig a little deeper to uncover the foundations of their extraordinary achievement. Building New Heights of Success In 1983, Dhabi Contracting was established as one of the leading forces in the UAE. The team was brought together to offer unique services for this rapidly modernizing part of the world, drawing on expertise on an international level to create some truly remarkable projects. Over the last thirty-eight years, the firm has gone from strength to strength, introducing new and exciting methods of working to this traditional region of the world. The team’s embracing of the latest technologies has allowed them to take on contracts that requiring innovative concepts, designs, planning, scheduling and execution. Needless to say, all of this pioneering approach is built on the knowledge of a highly motivated team of engineers and support staff, all of whom have long track records of success within the UAE. Each project is thoroughly unique, and the team undertakes a thoroughly bespoke process for each and every one. This ensures that when they offer a turnkey solution, it is one which seamlessly slots in with every other aspect of a build. The firm has in-house capacity to deliver many specialized jobs in the field of civil engineering works and electro-mechanical engineering works, making them an invaluable asset to companies. The team’s projects have varied enormously, covering industrial, commercial, institutional, highrise residential & luxurious villa complexes and sewerage projects. The nature of the construction industry, and the variety of the UAE’s growth, means that the team have worked on every sort of project over the last four decades. The team have immense experience executing large and medium sized projects on a turnkey basis. In order to meet the demand for new and impressive project ideas, the team at Dhabi Contracting have had to build up a large inventory and range of construction machinery and equipment for carrying out all types of civil engineering and electro-mechanical engineering operations. No matter what the challenge of the project, this is a team that is always able to deliver at a competitive price and at astonishing speed. In many ways, the ability of the team to meet such an extraordinary range of requirements reflects the way in which they are committed to be a single-source solution for the construction industry. While some try to specialize in one specific area, the team at Dhabi Contracting are able to tackle whatever is required of them whenever it is needed. This ability to offer a comprehensive solution is why Dhabi Contracting is able to guarantee quality and in-time completion on every project they are part of. When businesses are looking for a partner on a construction project, there really are none finer than the team at Dhabi Contracting. Their efforts have revolutionized the way in which the UAE looks at building showcase projects, bringing a much-needed contemporary edge that reflects the modern face of the Middle East. The team’s astonishing success in the MEA Business Awards shows this clearly, and we look forward to seeing what projects the team is involved with next. Company: Dhabi Contracting LLC Email: [email protected]