MEA Q2 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q2 2021 17 , Nov20633 For many, a good positionwithin the legal industry is reward enough for a lifetime of work, but the teambehind the creation of van Deventer & van Deventer are always looking for their next big challenge. In theMEA Business Awards, the teamwere recognized as Best Emerging Law Firm2020 - South Africa. We take a closer look to see how they have achieved such a remarkable accolade. Leading Legal Minds Established in 2016, van Deventer & van Deventer brings an astonishing degree of expertise to the South African legal system. The team of Cor van Deventer and Arno van Deventer both had long careers as partners and Directors at a leading national law firm, all of which has built up to the creation of this incredible organization. The firm has gained a solid reputation in short order, with AAA grade offices situated in the suburb of Rivonia, Johannesburg and in Cape Town. With almost fifty years of knowledge between the two founders, it’s easy to see why so many people have turned to them for help. They brought not only this knowledge, but a web of contacts who trust their services implicitly. While van Deventer & van Deventer has been a great success, such is the demand that the team has recently taken on a new partner, Mr. Priyesh Modi. Mr. Modi is an expert in the fields of Mergers and Acquisitions as well as Commercial Law and Litigation and his welcome addition has enabled the team to achieve some truly remarkable results for clients, putting the firm in a good position for even more growth. Being based in Johannesburg has been incredibly useful to the team, as it is easily assessed by clients and offers total security as well. With many cases involving often-difficult cases, it’s essential that there is a secure place for them to be. Needless to say, the many years of experience from the team ensure that all clients are treated in a professional and caring manner by all involved at van Deventer & van Deventer. One of the areas where the team has been able to thrive has been in property law, with Mortgage Bond registrations overseen by Cor van Deventer. He has the capable assistance of a very skilled Conveyancer with exceptional experience in the fields of property transfers and Mortgage Bond registrations. This part of the property industry is highly complex, but the team always operate with an eye on how decisions will affect clients. This level of care is crucial to securing the best possible result for everyone. While many businesses work in the property sector, a key decision for the van Deventer & van Deventer team was to take a long-term approach to growing the business’s footprint. To do this, they have established a training facility where the team can assist over 800 estate agents in Workshops for the completion of their Logbook submissions with the EAAB. They can also provide fully supported NQF4: Real Estate workshops which assists agents in completing their necessary qualifications in order to become full status agents. By taking a proactive role with those entering the industry, the team at van Deventer & van Deventer hope to build a loyal and supportive base amongst the estate agents and agencies that support them. The last eight months have seen incredible growth for the firm that has defied the general trend of the COVID-19 pandemic. Part of this is due to the shift in focus to training up people for the changing needs of the property industry. The team works tirelessly to ensure that its partners are able to thrive in their field of expertise, even in spite of the rapid change that the industry continues to see. The appeal of van Deventer & van Deventer comes from the team’s ability to meet the needs of clients, carefully adapting so that the service offered is truly exceptional. While litigation lies at the heart of many of the team’s cases, it’s little surprise that their shift into training up new generations has made an enormous difference to their fortunes. Company: van Deventer & van Deventer Name: Cor van Deventer Email: [email protected] Web Address: