MEA Q1 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2021 23 , Aug20159 NewseamFilling and Packaging Specialist is a South African provider of maintenance and repair services for seamers and packaging equipment used in the food and beverage industry. Providing comprehensive services that go above and beyond to exceed client expectations, Newseamhas become synonymous with outstanding customer experience and high standards of service. We put together a profile of the firmas it nears thirty years of successful operation. A Seamless Operation Since 1983, Newseam Filling and Packaging Specialist has been a leading provider of maintenance and repairs services of seamers and packaging and filling lines for both national and international clients. Situated in Vereeniging, South Africa, Newseam has built a loyal clientele that can rely on the firm for excellence in service, proactive resolutions, and outstanding customer experiences that prioritise integrity, trust, and a policy of zero-discrimination. Newseam offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes maintenance of old and new seamers, clinchers and filling lines, small engineering projects, complete overhauling of seamers and clinchers, and graphic designing. Clients are also able to source OEM Seamers and clincher spares from Newseam, as well as filling line and electrical spares, and all forms of tooling and tools. Partnered with canning and seaming companies such as Tut Kelepce, Imeta, Lincoln, and Can-A-Part, Newseam also specialises in Ferrum, Angelus, and MB1A seamers, as well as various filling machines. All services include Site Analysis and Primary Design, carried out by Newseam’s friendly and thorough team of professionals. Working primarily with businesses in the local, national and international food and beverage industry, Newseam is also on hand to provide training on the installation of filling lines and conveyors. As a registered Trade Training Instructor with MAPP Seta, Newseam’s team goes the extra mile in its delivery of seamer and packaging services, giving clients the confidence to maintain their own seamer of filling and packaging machinery with the unintrusive support of Newseam. Consequently, Newseam prioritises the establishment of trusting, sustainable partnerships with its clients, that involves them at every step of the construction, installation and maintenance process. Every member of the Newseam team is committed to delivering excellence that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of clients. By providing outstanding service and exceptional results time after time, Newseam offers clients a guarantee that they can rely on. With almost thirty years of experience behind them and a proud clientele that spans South Africa and beyond, it is unsurprising that Newseam is internationally recognised as a leading service provider in filling and packaging solutions. We look forward to seeing what the next thirty years holds for Newseam and its team of devoted, client- focused professionals. Company: Newseam Filling and Packing Specialist PTY Ltd Contact: Quintin Fitzpatrick Website: