MEA Q1 2021

22 MEA MARKETS / Q1 2021 , Oct20054 Zenergy Tech is a world-class provider of Micro-grid and Photovoltaic solutions for power supply and energy storage. Specialists in economical, renewable, and reliable power, Zenergy seeks to be the alternative energy provider for businesses, banks, resorts, even islands, that consume large amounts of power. Withmore than ten years of experience behind it, Zenergy is leading the revolution in energy solutions for the future. Powering the Future Zenergy Tech, the Beijing-based provider of specialist solutions in Micro- grid, photovoltaic (PV) and other renewable power supply systems, is on a mission to provide a more economical and reliable power solution for its global clientele. Serving high energy consumers such as international organisations, industries, island resorts and more, Zenergy promotes the use of renewable energy to reduce both the costs and carbon footprints of its clients. Operating either as a one-stop turnkey power plant, alongside local partners, or even as a provider of independent power supply services for premium customers, Zenergy works flexibly to meet the needs of each client and their project. The firm’s use of advanced technologies, for example, has enabled Zenergy to create an integrated hybrid supply system that combines PV, battery and Genset to integrate the low costs of the PV system with the stability of the battery system. Moreover, the system automatically switches between power sources, enabling the power supply to continue stably and seamlessly, and giving clients peace of mind. Like all of Zenergy’s solutions, this hybrid system offers lower costs in electricity than those of diesel power generation, in addition to being cleaner and quieter. With its ground-breaking micro- grid technology, Zenergy has ambitions to join the multi- billion-dollar market of boosting electrification of Greater Africa. Currently falling behind the global average, the continent is expected to quadruple its current per capita in electricity consumption by 2040. Unlike in China, where there is a myriad of new policies devoted to the development of new energy, the pursuit of new energy generation in Africa seeks to avoid reliance on government subsidies. To achieve this, Zenergy is focused on improving the cost- effectiveness of its offering to identify the best products for the African market. Ultimately, Zenergy hopes that through implementing its power supply in the Greater African region, the firm will be able to lay the foundations for local economic development. Initially supplying banks, governments and other organisations across Africa with superior green energy, the firm will then expand into industrial and commercial sectors. The team itself has visited many of the rural sites that Zenergy hopes to enhance with its energy solutions, consequently recognising that delivering excellence in its services would be beneficial in so many ways besides lowering electricity bills. The provision of better, more efficient power solutions could boost economies and change lives. To that end, Zenergy is currently in the midst of sourcing partners in Africa with whom they can collaborate to see this vision come to fruition. Constantly developing and innovating new solutions and services, Zenergy is investing in the delivery of high-quality solutions to its own seed customers, which it expects to attract new partners and enable them to together reach a wider clientele. With the support of those partners, Zenergy anticipates that the utilisation rate of new energy in Africa will surpass China in the next five to ten years, opening up a whole new world of opportunities for the global economy. With an ambition that is set to revolutionise the future of energy worldwide, there is no doubt that Zenergy will be one to watch over the years ahead. Company: Zenergy Tech Co., Ltd. Website: Z ENERGY T ECH Z ENERGY T ECH Z ENERGY T ECH Z ENERGY T ECH