MEA Q1 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2021 17 , Jul20592 Fété Impact Development is an advisory and training firmof specialists that provide solutions for professional development that incorporate technological progress, the requirements of a globalised economy, and the growth of the Africanmarket. Working with private, public, non- governmental, international institutions and companies, Fété Impact Development seeks to make economies more efficient in order to improve the wellbeing of people around the world through advanced consulting and training services. Turning Your Potential Into Results Based in Mali with a clientele that spans the Sub-Saharan Africa zone, Fété Impact Development is a leading advisory and training firm that specialises in project management, finance, governance, human resources, interim and audit. Ultimately, Fété Impact Development seeks to work alongside its clients to develop their businesses in a way that has lasting impact, enabling them to pursue and achieve their financial and professional goals despite adversity in their economic and social environments. In doing so, Fété Impact Development can contribute to more efficient economies that in turn improve livelihoods of entire societies and communities. Working with private, public, and parapublic companies, development projects, associations, and non- governmental and international organisations, Fété Impact Development offers holistic solutions integrated into the evaluation, capacity building, and formulation of projects and initiatives. These solutions are divided into three core areas of expertise: training, functional advice, and sector advice. Across these fields, Fété Impact Development collaborates with clients to implement rigid structures that combine the contexts of technological and recurring changes to create strategies for sustainable economic growth. As Fété Impact Development seeks to create training and consultancy solutions that make a positive social impact, the firm specialises in the growth of inclusive, diverse, and environmentally responsible sectors. As such, clients work with Fété Impact Development in crucial areas such as Youth Entrepreneurship, Economic Empowerment of Women, Education, Agricultural and Food industries, and the creative sector. However their clients seek to enhance their operations to improve their internal and external cultures, Fété Impact Development is flexible and capable of meeting client needs through meticulous methodologies and conscientious collaborations. Accordingly, in 2018, Fété Impact Development carried out an extensive consultation with its customers, partners, suppliers and employees to redefine its strategic framework and shape its ethical ambitions. The result was a set of values built on the strength and wealth of Fété Impact Development, that incorporate attributes of Courtesy, Integrity, Staff Development, Diversity and Innovation in order to strengthen customer relationships and generate motivation. The result is a team that adapts to its clients and their businesses, whether they have sought the expertise of Fété Impact Development or the firm has approached them, working alongside them to engage in the challenge of each project and create solutions that have effective, meaningful impacts. The results-oriented working method is central to the agility of Fété Impact Development’s operations, alongside assertiveness, responsibility, leadership and friendliness. The team is vital to the success of Fété Impact Development, hence a rigorous recruitment process that ensures shared visions and values between a potential candidate and the existing team. Together, the team constantly strives towards innovation in solutions, which translates into successful development for the firm as a whole as well as on a personal level. By operating as a strong collective, Fété Impact Development is able to guarantee the development of the individual. Thus, empowered by its strong, united team, Fété Impact Development is heading into an exciting period between 2021 and 2024, that will constitute an important opportunity for growth through horizontal and vertical diversification. Structurally, the firm is expanding from its headquarters in Mali to other countries across Africa, a monumental yet exciting challenge amidst the economic and organisational complications of Covid-19. In the meantime, Fété Impact Development is beginning this exciting period of evolution with auditing, recruitment and interim in many of its certification programs. At this exciting point of growth in the evolution of Fété Impact Development, it is clear that the firm’s focus on excellence in customer service and dedication to positive social impacts through consultancy is unwavering. As the breadth of Fété Impact Development continues to expand both in geography and in expertise, there is no doubt that we can look to the future of the training and consultancy firm with a sense of optimism. Company: Fété Impact Development Contact: Bertin Dakouo Website: