MEA Q1 2021

MEAMARKETS / Q1 2021 15 , Aug20067 Commit Works is the Australian-born frontline workmanagement and control software that is designed to sustainably boost productivity inMining and Resource industries across the globe. Developed in response to an awareness of the wastage and outdated, ineffective tools of traditional operations consulting, Commit Works (originally called Fewzion) is committed to streamlining operations in order to deliver extraordinary results. Honouring a Commitment to Excellence Commit Works is an award-winning team of experts in business improvement and technology which seeks to streamline and enhance operations in order to boost productivity for greater results. The firm creates market-leading software for frontline systems that eliminate variability in day-to-day operations, enabling seamless coordination of teams and driving in-control mining sites. Replacing disorganised, inefficient systems of whiteboards, paper and spreadsheets in the management of daily operations in the mining and resources industry, Commit offers a collection of connected, frontline solutions that have been proven to boost productivity on most operations by more than 20%. By substantially reducing variations in operations on a day- to-day basis, Commit gives back control to supervisors, foremen, deputies and managers who can more effectively make plans, coordinate teams, and execute strategies with less concern for unpredictable, changeable circumstances. When Commit – initially named Fewzion after its flagship product – was established by a team of consultants specialising in mine sites across Australia, it was in response to an obtrusive, but largely ignored, issue that the team had faced since the beginning of their careers. They found that making spreadsheets and filling in whiteboards was ineffective, inaccessible, and unsustainable. Consequently, the team set about finding a software-based solution that would replace this outdated system. After Fewzion’s first commission by a mine in Queensland, Australia to develop a properly architected system, the team sought to broaden its capabilities. Rebranded as Commit Works, the firm now works on an international selection of mining operations with clients such as Adaro, BHP, Oceana Gold and South 32. In addition to Fewzion, the suite of solutions includes Visual Ops, a visual management system that maps hazards, people, equipment and assets on site, and Short Interval Control, a powerful app for crews and shift supervisors to track performance. Across the three integrated solutions, Commit is able to help clients to collaborate across their crews, have greater control over previously changeable elements, and to connect targets and completed work, thus streamlining processes into one accessible channel. The case studies and white papers published by Commit are testament to the reduced variations and increased productivity of the firm’s innovative management and control software. Ultimately, the success of these operations is thanks to the commitment of the team of former consultants and technology experts to each other and to their clients, who proactively seek to honour their own commitments through more effective processes. In its ‘Frontline Commitment System’, Commit provides the information and resources required for collaborative, real-time decision- making across teams that enhances processes to ultimately deliver excellence. After all, with commitment to colleagues, clients and themselves, any team can commit to accomplishing excellence in any sector. Commit simply provides the means to honour those commitments. Company: Commit Works Contact: Emelia Chalker Website: