MEA 2017 Business Awards

MEA MARKETS / 2017 Business Awards 7 , Best Pharmaceutical Market Access Company - United Arab Emirates Best Pharmaceutical Market Access Company - United Arab Emirate GENPHARM focuses on the segment of rare & genetic disease. supporting both paitients and physicians awareness. MEA17011 GENPHARMServices is an innovative market access regional pharmaceutical company, focused on the segment of rare and genetic disease, supporting both patients and physicians by raising disease awareness, establishing early diagnosis and identifying treatments for these diseases that are approved by the highest regulatory authorities such as the FDA and EMA. We profile the firm to provide a fascinating overview of the vital services it offers. Founded in 2012, GENPHARM provides fast-track market access to innovative and specialty pharmaceutical companies looking to expand into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It focuses mainly on rare disease and orphan drugs in auto-immune and genetic diseases, biotech products and innovative diagnostics. The firm is committed to educating the community about these disabilities and the burden of these diseases. Most of the genetic conditions are paediatric and they can mean social stigma and seclusion for these children. It is important that the mindset changes and society realises that despite these disabilities, many patients could live longer and have a better quality of life, once the all the stakeholders are better educated in how to care for these cases. Operating through evidence- based medicine and high ethical standards, Genpharm Services provides its strategic partners with fast and sustainable market access into the MENA region. Armed with knowledge of the local business culture and the vast network of trusted partners, GENPHARM’s expertise allows it to create market opportunities for innovative healthcare products and services. Current partners include Novartis, GSK, Sarepta, Santhera, PTC, Stallergenes, Sintetica, Admedus, ABiotics and others. Offering a truly global service, the firm is based in the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park (DuBiotech), U.A.E, and it also has an office in Boston in the heart of the Biotech hub. Ultimately, GENPHARM remains dedicated to providing the very highest standard of support and service to its valued clients, and looking ahead the firm will continue to build on its winning strategy by attracting the most innovative players in the rare disease space. It has also expanded to grow its portfolio in broader indication and have started looking at acquiring it’s own brands. This is the firm’s vision to the future growth plan of GENPHARM. Challenging and exciting times lie ahead for Genpharm and their partners. Company: Genpharm Services Contact: Karim Smaira Address: Office 2805, Business Bay, Al Manara Tower, Dubai, UAE Phone: 97144227010 Website: