MEA 2017 Business Awards

6 MEA MARKETS / 2017 Business Awards , Fsnlink Communications is a certified translation agency offering high quality translation services fromand intomore than 20 languages. We caught up with Tijani Mutiu Olawale to find out more about the firmand the services it offers. Translation Agency of the Year - Nigeria Founded in 2010 and certified by the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2014, Fsnlink supports a range of clients including law firms, NGOs, embassies, business owners and travellers, and thanks to the vast range of local and international languages that their staff speak they are able to offer a truly comprehensive service that meets these varied clients’ needs. Tijani discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail, with a focus on its passion for language. “At Fsnlink, translation is not just about changing words from one language to another; it is about conveying the true meaning of those words in all its subtitles so that the translation is inherently adapted to its target audience and localized in terms of demography, culture and subject matter. No matter the file format of a document, we provide outstanding translation services for a range of uses including legal documents, websites, information technology applications, religious documents, educational materials, as well as market research.” Operating in such a young industry, Fsnlink is able to maintain its unique statues thanks to this range of languages and its attention to detail, as Tijani is eager to emphasise. “What differentiates our firm from our competitors is our attention to detail. Very rarely will you see any of our translated copy omitting part of the source documents content. To us, every word counts. As such, we are the foremost translation agency in Nigeria covering more than 20 languages till date. Our high quality translations are accepted in many foreign embassies in Nigeria, as well as internationally.” Overall the future looks bright for Fsnlink as the company plans to grow and eventually dominate Nigeria’s translation market. Tijani concludes by exploring the firm’s ambitious plans and how it will work to achieve them. “Ultimately, Fsnlink Communications is set to become a household name in Nigeria. We act as the chaperon between our clients and their markets. We are set to help Nigeria Businesses step into the vast global market characterized with multilingualism, and will be working with more clients over the coming years to drive our continued success. The world has become a global village and Fsnlink Communications has tap into that and will continue to adapt to the changing environments.” Company: Fsnlink Communications Contact: Tijani Mutiu Olawale Address: 8, Cow Lane, Off Igbosere, Lagos Island, l, 023401, Lagos, Nigeria Phone: 00234 8023986346 Web Address: Contact Email : [email protected] MEA17009