MEA Business Awards 2023

MEA | Business Awards 2023 40 Most Outstanding Marketing Agency - Lagos State & Best Strategic Brand Marketing & Development Agency - Lagos State Specialising in delivering high quality marketing services to high calibre, multinational clients, Octoplus Marketing Group is a collective whose prominence has been noted by brands across the world. Promising a comprehensive array of services just waiting to be explored, the agency prides itself on being the definitive selection for companies in need of marketing assistance. Join us as we explore how, through an unapologetic commitment to excellence, innovation, and respect, Octoplus Marketing Group has established itself as Lagos’s definitive agency for all marketing requirements. eadquartered in Lagos and Nigeria, with plans to expand its services across West African clusters, Octoplus Marketing Group is a prominent multinational marketing agency whose expertise in the area has granted it a unique insight into how to devise creative strategies that truly work. Operating in Lagos-Nigeria, Dakar-Senegal, Burkina Faso and Malie, and Abijan – Cote d’lvoire, the collective provides brands with a bountiful selection of specialised services. Whether it’s delivering strategy and creative development, digital marketing, experiential marketing, event management and product launches, public relations and media management, or POSM and premium production, Octoplus Marketing Group goes above and beyond to do things differently than any other marketing agency in the region. As such, Octoplus Marketing Group has been able to serve esteemed clients from a variety of multinational and national brands across West Africa. These include – BIC World, BAJAJ Tricycle, Stallion Group, Grand Oak Limited, Reckitt (Dettol), and many more. Connecting brands with consumers is where Octoplus Marketing Group truly thrives, and it eagerly looks to forge remarkable experiences when acting as the bridge between the two. Empowering others to succeed is the agency’s passion, be it through bringing brand strategies to life, or simply nurturing longlasting relationships with each and every customer. It’s this very talent that defines Octoplus Marketing Group. It upholds a sentiment of doing everything in its power to guide its clients towards success, and it does so through exceptional levels of excellence, innovation, and personalised engagement. In a world where being seen is both easier and tougher than ever before, Octoplus Marketing Group shines as a beacon of hope for brands who are already fighting for their place in the spotlight. Through impeccable intuition and industry insight, Octoplus Marketing Group has equipped itself with the tools to bring attention to its clients’ businesses, resulting in a consistent string of success that’s able to persevere indefinitely. One prominent example that truly exemplifies Octoplus Marketing Group’s capabilities is the conceptualisation and execution of Wonderland Lagos in 2022. This venture provided the world an detailed look into the breadth of Octoplus Marketing Group’s talents, more so how it was fully able to provide comprehensive, 360-degree marketing solutions to a myriad of clients. Heralded as one of West Africa’s premier destinations during the 2022 holiday period, Wonderland Lagos hosted a spectacular Christmas Village, concerts, world-cup broadcasts, and an array of food and beverage vendors whose products uplifted every attendee. Through Wonderland Lagos, Octoplus Marketing Group opened the world’s eyes to its excellence, and it leveraged this immense level of recognition to go further than ever before. Now, through its client-centric approach, commitment to clear communication, abundance of exceptional talent, and devotion to continuous innovation, Octoplus Marketing Group has defined itself as a marketing agency whose strategies hold the potential to unite brands and consumers from across the globe. Its acute understanding of the industry’s nuances places it in a unique position, granting it access to tactics unseen across other agencies of a similar nature. With all of these combined capabilities, Octoplus Marketing Group has rightfully earned itself a place within the MEA Business Awards 2023, and we simply can’t wait to see how it continues to develop throughout 2024. Contact: Ifedolapo Ojuade Company: Octoplus Marketing Web Address: H Octoplus Marketing