MEA Business Awards 2023

Jul23121 MEA | Business Awards 2023 39 Jan24491 Most Innovative Geospatial Technology & Data Solutions Provider - MEA In the MEA geospatial technology and data solutions landscape, one company stands out from the rest, this being African Geospace, an aerospace business that specialises in space technology and data analytics. Driven by the aim of ushering in a new era of change, the company has amassed a proven track record of garnering innovative leaps forward in the realm of development and climate action for this sector. Partnering with a range of organisations and government institutions to aid it in delivering these cutting-edge solutions, the untapped potential of space is leveraged by African Geospace to yield unique, impactful results and solutions for global pressing challenges. s the satellites fitted with advanced imaging technologies continue to orbit our planet, the data that they are gathering is becomingly more readily available, enabling a host of users from researchers, policymakers, businesses, and even individuals to access it and use its findings for the greater good. This is essentially the essence of African Geospace, a company which uses these results, along with other data sources and technologies, as the foundation from which to build effective solutions that demonstrably aid in humanity’s mission to overcome the pressures it faces by people and the Planet. African Geospace can perhaps best be described as a gathering of some of the best and brightest minds in the industry today, with space scientists and technologists aplenty assembling under this company banner to build both satellite data analytics and AI solutions. Sustainability is the common thread throughout, and with solutions that adhere to this sustainable commitment, this team are embarking on a mission to tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time, working together to improve livelihoods, increase our planet’s overall climate resilience, and ultimately save lives. One may ask, why space? Well, the answer is straightforward. With space comes the potential to accelerate global sustainability on a level that would not possible utilising just the resources here on Earth. Space has proven instrumental in providing the critical information we need for accurate climate analysis, resource management, and environmental monitoring, and by leveraging this technology, leaders in their respective industries can better make informed decisions and implement the necessary strategies to tackle the global challenges that define our lifetime, while simultaneously promoting long-term, sustainable initiatives. Necessary to this has been the successful implementation of AI, a technology as vast and ever evolving as space itself. In this, our rapidly changing world, data is an increasingly precious resource and brings with it a vast amount of transformative potential. In an endless ocean of information, AI is the key to getting results. The reasons for this are simple, as AI has an unrivalled ability to help analyse, interpret, and spot insights, it affords the team at African Geospace a better understanding of these complex issues that span such industries as agriculture and climate change, to name just a couple, empowering them to craft solutions that are designed to make measurable changes. Regarding agriculture specifically, African Geospace have built a satellite data based Agritech SaaS platform to streamline operations for smallholder farmers, making each one them business savvy. The platform helps farmers select the optimal time for both planting and harvesting, continuously monitoring of crop growth and health, analysing soil, detecting crop diseases, and estimating crop yield at the end of a season. Additionally, the platform helps manage the overall farming operation. The company is also working on other technologies that can be leveraged when it comes to managing the impact of climate change, such as predicting weather/climate, responding to natural disasters quicker, monitoring deforestation rates, checking water resource levels, assessing humanity’s impact on biodiversity, and selecting the right locations for solar or wind farms. It is clear that African Geospace’s work is shepherding a new dawn of high-resolution satellite imagery accessibility and analytics for industries including agriculture, climate change, mining, urban development, and defense. Satellite images present the information and AI finds it, with this synergy serving to ultimately usher in what can only be described as a new frontier in the realm of innovation. Having successfully leveraged said data to pioneer a series of innovative solutions that will help organisations to not only optimise their operations, but do so in a sustainable manner, African Geospace’s work means that the future possibilities are almost endless, with collaboration encouraged in working towards the ultimate goal – improving and preserving life on Earth by looking up to the stars. African Geospace’s unwavering commitment to its mission and distinction in this sector are clear. On the back of previous successes, we bestow the company with the title of Most Innovative Geospatial Technology & Data Solutions Provider – MEA. Contact: Komlan Richard Folly Company: African Geospace Web Address: A