MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 55 Nov22779 With a reputation for being an expert in its field, Corporate Image Holdings (Corporate Image) is one of South Africa’s leading communications and corporate affairs consultancies. Tamra Veley tells us more about the firm and its core competencies as it celebrates a win in the MEA Business Awards 2022. Formed in 1987, the independently operated Corporate Image Holdings has been extensively involved over the years in the financial services, food and beverages, agriculture, retail, telecommunications and technology, and leisure and entertainment industries. Specialising in reputation building and management, as well as crisis communications, Corporate Image has a strong yet broad base of blue-chip clients, including some of South Africa’s largest companies, most of which are JSE-listed. The firm’s ethos is simple – it invests time in understanding its clientele, seeking out their competitors, and getting to know their industries fully, with the sole objective being centred on developing, protecting, and enhancing its clients’ brand value and enterprise. Tamra Veley, the firm’s Managing Director, tells us more. “We make use of our nearly three decades of experience with some of South Africa’s most challenging cases and have the global reach and on-the-ground experience to help clients, no matter the issue they are facing,” she begins. “We are recognised for going beyond the brief and our ability to meet and exceed exacting deadlines and to create ideas that work, not just communications initiatives.” With multi-sectoral experience, and a skilled and dedicated team of staff who bring their knowledge, passion, and sense of detail to match clients’ needs and strategies, this broad network of specialists can be called upon to provide expertise, from academics and economists to environmentalists and graphic designers. In fact, Corporate Image is very well respected for working throughout the client enterprise, exposing internal experts in their elds to the media, and helping them tell their stories in an engaging way. “We are often the first to introduce a new approach and this is probably because we are great problem solvers,” enthuses Tamra. “We tend to think through the unique issues our clients bring to us and create novel solutions in each case.” At Corporate Image, there is also a big focus on continuous learning with many of the team having earned additional qualifications during their time at the firm, and it is clear that integrity and original thinking are of the utmost importance. “We don’t think of ourselves as an agency, so much as we are a part of the team at most of our clients. This sense of responsibility to our clients is probably why we tend to keep them for a long time – some for as long as 30 years,” Tamra shares. Whilst many companies struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the shift of corporate communications from faceto-face communications into the online space, Corporate Image flourished. “It is now possible to conduct a press conference from anywhere, or to host a panel discussion with participants from different locations, or even continents – and we’ve done this,” delights Tamra. “It’s an extremely efficient way of communicating and the reduction in travel time alone has significantly increased productivity, while making it possible to work more closely with clients anywhere on the continent. We can sit in on meetings we would not have been able to attend in the past and this has the potential to deepen our understanding of the business and the speed with which we can get things done.” There are challenges ahead still, particularly where talent acquisition and retention in South Africa is concerned due to people emigrating, but Corporate Image needn’t worry. Having been recognised in the MEA Business Awards 2022 and bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Reputation Management & Communications Consultancy - South Africa, it seems that a productive and lucrative future lies ahead for both the company and its hard working and loyal employees. Contact: Tamra Veley Company: Corporate Image Holdings Ltd Web Address: Best Reputation Management & Communications Consultancy - South Africa