MEA Business Awards 2022

MEA Business Awards 2022 54 Best Business Consulting Management Platform - Africa & Transformation Leader To grow a business requires an awareness of the data that allows for quick and efficient decision making. The team at RED3SIXTY had built its name on making sure that people can access this data as easily as possible. With this intrepid team at your side, starting and scaling a business has never been easier. With success in the MEA Business Awards 2022 behind them, we take a closer look at the firm to see how they did it. RED3SIXTY was designed for consultants, executive coaches and accountants. These are people who know what it means to grow a business, and how important the data behind any organisation is when it comes to reaching new heights. For those who have ambitions for business that go above and beyond the norm, this is the company to turn to. The platforms developed by the RED3SIXTY team are specifically designed to help run diagnostics and determine where your customer needs to focus in order to grow their business. What previously required years of knowledge and expertise has been carefully condensed into one easy-to-manage package, which enables easy customer business diagnostics, development support, and much more. The results really do speak for themselves with RED3SIXTY, as the team proudly boast that their systems can not only help to predict customer growth, but can be the core of plans which have a track record of delivering up to 26% more profits within a business. For accountants and consultants alike, these results are immensely appealing. Those who are considering entering in the world of business consultancy should definitely turn to this team first for support. Getting a closer look at what the RED3SIXTY team can offer couldn’t be easier, either. The team offer a platform demonstration of their product whenever is most convenient to you, allowing customers to dig into what sets RED3SIXTY apart from the crowd. An expert in the program will walk you through how you can use the platform to scale and grow your consulting or coaching business, and how it has been specifically set up to help you to generate revenue from the first day of use. There’s no need to commit, and no sales pitch – the product is more than enough to entice most! RED3SIXTY has a strong track record of developing business growth platforms, and their latest innovation is by far their most effective. For people around the world, it offers a unique insight into how any and every business works. Within the first month of use, you can be sure that you will be making money. By the second month, many users have found themselves breaking even. It’s a credit to the team’s hard work that they can boast this level of success. For those who want a one-stopshop for business consulting solutions, RED3SIXTY has to be your first port of call. Company: RED3SIXTY Web Address: Dec22005