Issue 10 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 27 The Transformation of Electricity decarbonise societies. Electricity is the most efficient energy, proven to be three to five times more efficient than other sources, and the best decarbonisation vector. Bawan Engineering expects to see six times more electricity coming from renewables globally by 2040, from six percent today to more than 40 percent within the next 20 years. Wael added, “During this transformation of energy generation, we foresee two other positive outcomes. Firstly, fewer energy transmission losses since renewables provide energy in a much more decentralised way, at any scale and in closer proximity to their point of use. Secondly, a shift toward renewables will help people worldwide access energy, whether that be in already developed or developing countries. Wael also explains, “To keep contributing to the advances in smart grids solutions, we employ large R&D, engineering and design teams equipped with the latest design tools and testing labs. In addition to this, we have developed a wide range of partnerships across different business aspects where we share the latest developments in product innovation, smart energy solutions, design optimisation and manufacturing advancements. Furthermore, we invest heavily in developing our people and exposing them to the latest trends in the industry.” Bawan Engineering has a highly diversified culture that promotes innovation, continuous development, inclusion, and cross-functional collaboration, with its focus solely and primarily remaining on its clients. Wael states, “We have different employee development programs emphasising our business ethics, core values and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We continuously measure the satisfaction of our clients (NPS) and make sure that we are rectifying any deficiencies and always striving to satisfy our clients.” For Bawan Engineering, being an ‘employer of choice’ is a crucial objective continuously being worked on. This overall aim is met starting from the employee selection process, which includes technical testing, personality testing and cultural fit reviews and goes through onboarding procedures, people development and career progression planning. Throughout this process, Bawan Engineering makes sure that it attracts and retains the best-in- class talents within the industry. Wael also commented,” we foresee continuous pressure on pricing as products are commoditised where only companies with efficient manufacturing and continuous optimisation on engineering and design can continue being competitive, also the continuous adaptation of renewable energy generation, smart grids, and smart connected solutions (IoT) will shape how companies will develop their products, services and the way they do business. Company: Bawan Engineering Name: Wael Gad Web Address: