Issue 10 2021

26 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2021 , Aug21208 The Transformation of Electricity Bawan Engineering the holding company for UTEC and USSG companies provides an integrated, state-of-the-art range of electricity distribution and control solutions across Saudi, GCC, Middle East & Africa. Wael Gad, Bawan Engineering CEO, has recently been recognised as CEO of the Year, 2021 – Saudi Arabia and here he explains in-depth the soul and innovation behind the Bawan Engineering reputation. Bawan Engineering was founded in 1980 in Riyadh, KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), with a vision to provide state-of-the-art range of electricity distribution and control solutions. It is a holding company with several companies operating in manufacturing of Distribution Transformers (UTEC), Substations, and Switchgears (USSG). It aims to serve utilities, renewable energy developments, and private sector infrastructure developers across Saudi, GCC, Middle East & Africa. Using a fully controlled ERP & CRM process, projects are closely monitored and reviewed internally as well as with the clients to guarantee continuous customers satisfaction. Wael Gad, CEO of Bawan Engineering, explains, “We believe that power empowers a better life for cities and communities, and that is why we are committed to developing smarter and sustainable products and solutions. Likewise, we want to empower the lives of our communities, partners, employees and customers.” To achieve this vision, Bawan invests heavily in R&D, product innovation, and the development of its people. In addition, Wael explains, “We work closely with both our customers and partners to deliver on all their current and future needs.” Being a part of a large, publicly listed conglomerate, ‘Bawan Group’, gives the company a lot of strength in partnering with the best suppliers and getting the best services from them, which in turn is reflected into excellent services for clients. Wael states, “Our company is reputed to deliver the best quality products and services in the market thanks to the strict execution of our processes, handpicked best in class employees and our continuous commitment to delivery excellence. We are also one of the few players in our industry that possesses the capabilities and skills to execute mega and complex projects fulfilling the complete electrification scope for any development due to the full portfolio of products and services that we are offering.” As mentioned earlier, Bawan Engineering is directly correlated to the infrastructure developments across the region, with a particular focus on the KSA. As Megaprojects evolve across Saudi and as renewable energy developments continue to advance throughout the region, we envision the potential in different product segments within the industry. We asked Wael about the trends influencing the industry, he said, “the primary trend influencing the industry is adopting innovative smart grid solutions with increasing needs for IoT and digitalisation features, allowing better connectivity, predictability, and serviceability of the full electrification and energy products, this is what Bawan Engineering calls Electricity 4.0”. Wael explains, “We all know that climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation, and to best tackle it, the world is re-thinking its relationship with energy, which is responsible for over 80 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions. With Electricity 4.0, we can power the New Electric World through more sustainable and more resilient solutions. We firmly believe that a sustainable solution is having a world that is more electricity digitized since electricity is the fastest route to cleaner, smarter, more efficient energy.” In a race against time, electricity offers the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way to