GCC Enterprise Awards 2019

14 MEA MARKETS / 2019 GCC Enterprise Awards , La Marquise: Best Bridal Jewellery Retailer 2019 – UAE & Award for Innovation in Social Media Marketing - UAE With over three decades of experience in the luxury jewellery industry, LaMarquise Diamonds &Watches is able to provide truly exquisite pieces that will make anyone feel like royalty. Having recognised the firm in this year’s GCC Enterprise Awards we profile it and showcase the truly spectacular jewellery it provides to its esteemed clientele. Jul19068 La Marquise: Best Bridal Jewellery Retailer 2019 Thanks to a legacy of excellence in jewellery manufacturing and retail, over the years La Marquise has risen to become a multi-award-winning creator of timeless and exclusively designed diamond and gemstone jewellery. Boasting high precision detailing and handcrafted finesse, their jewellery is synonymous with art. The La Marquise story commenced with the transformation of precious stones into spectacular pieces of fine jewellery, which are unique and splendid in its formation. Over the years the brand has evolved and adapted its service offering to meet the needs of its discerning clientele. La Marquise has now grown into a global chain of retail boutiques located in major shopping malls, luxury hotels and select airport retail. With a ‘mines-to-market’ philosophy, the company showcases its commitment to sourcing only the finest minerals, gemstones and metals for its jewellery and crafting them into pieces of art that clients can be proud of and cherish forever. Spanning across classic and contemporary design sensibilities, La Marquise appeals to all tastes. La Marquise’s customised approach and inclusive portfolio has attracted the attention of fashionable socialites and is graced by women belonging to almost every segment of society. Every article of jewellery sold by the firm is backed with a certificate of authenticity, providing clear information of stones to assure complete transparency. Creating bespoke jewellery that clients will adore is the brands core focus, and as a result it has become revered by brides, couples and jewellery connoisseurs from around the world. Designed to meet even the highest expectations, La Marquise’s service offering includes providing clients with design inspiration and working with them to understand the occasion for wearing the item, exploring budgets and allowing customers to select their own gemstones. The award-winning design team visualise and creatively map their inspiration onto paper and then showcase these designs for client approval. As part of this focus on client satisfaction and providing a truly luxury jewellery design experience, La Marquise allows clients to view the design in the sketch phase, 3D wax stage and prior to stone setting. Working from their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located in Dubai, a team of experienced craftsmen blow life into pencil sketches to create a sparkling trance of jewellery. For those brides and individuals that want every detail to be taken care of, this is the place as La Marquise ensures nothing is left to chance and that clients are involved throughout the product creation process. Ultimately, La Marquise’s vision is to adorn the world with timeless designs, unmatched craftsmanship and exclusive jewellery that redefines luxury. Contact Details: Contact: Sasha Saadat Website: http://lamarquisejewellery.com/

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