GCC Enterprise Awards 2019

MEAMARKETS / 2019 GCC Enterprise Awards 13 , MAGAS International Best Emerging Business Platform 2019 - Middle East For almost a decadeMAGAS has enabled entrepreneurial energy and gives new entrants to build their businesses with the support of this unique professional services platform. As part of our showcase of a selection of this year’s deserving GCC Enterprise Awards winners we provide an in-depth overview of the firmand its unique solution. Initially founded in India in 2010 as a tertiary services company, over the years MAGAS has culminated into professional services destination for crowd sourcing and delivery of professional services in India and Arabian Gulf. When the firm first began the team developed a concept whereby they could bring Lead Generation and Service Delivery together under one roof to help businesses find ease and make professional help more affordable. They tested this concept in India by launching a Professional Services Company. Later the team wanted to push the boundaries in this segment and wanted to create and online platform, so the team used Media to create a new dimension to use it for qualified Lead Generation and Service Delivery. They filed for copyrights calling it “Service Media”. Today MAGAS is still 100% founder owned, headquartered in the UAE and holds the global copyrights for the concept of Service Media. Thanks to its innovative solution, MAGAS connects with small and medium sized enterprises, professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs and freelancers across various geographies and industries which can fulfil their business needs with cost effective solutions arising from shared economy and idle resource capacity. It delivers services at an affordable price to empower entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and more. Working closely with clients and service provides, MAGAS works to understand the needs of businesses and then connects them with service providers that can provide them with the solutions they require to grow and prosper. The firm’s expert team will work with businesses until they have achieved their objectives to ensure success for everyone it supports. The firm’s unique platform creates an online destination and facilitates trade and commerce between parties not just monetarily but also through other synergies. It creates a channel for cross border connect whereby end users can use the platform for their service needs from any location. All listed services can be procured, managed and delivered through the firm’s platform. The value to end users will be that all their service needs will be fulfilled through crowd sourcing under a single window platform thus saving energy, time and money. Seeking to enhance its already impressive success, MAGAS invites investors who are willing to invest in great ideas at an early stage. The team firmly believe that a good investor support can foster bright ideas, and as such they are always keen to work with new investors who will help drive their unique idea forward and support both MAGAS and the companies it works alongside. Ultimately, MAGAS’s mission is to support businesses when they need support. As part of this focus, the firm provides handholding support until businesses stand on their own. The firm’s team believe small ideas can make big difference if they get the right support at the right time, and as such they work hard to create an ecosystem to help businesses sustain and benefit through MAGAS’s service offering. Moving forward the company will remain driven towards providing the exemplary solutions and support it has become renowned for. Contact Details: Company: MAGAS International Contact: Alan Gomes Website: www.magasinternational.com & www.magas.services Jun19374

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