GCC Enterprise Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 GCC Enterprise Awards 7 , Sustainable Environmental Technologies (SET) is the leading company specialising in creative technology which is focused on reducing organic waste at the source. We profile the firm to learn more about its work, specifically in the area of food waste. Organic Waste Reduction Solutions Provider of the Year - 2018 GCC18012 As the world moves into a more environmentally conscious era, household food waste (HFW) received considerable attention within the region, due to the environmental, economic and social impact it generates. HFW comprises of the largest single waste fraction generated by households (up to 61%). Following ten years of research and development, SET has created the perfect solution to an ongoing problem worldwide, a food waste composting technology that is efficient, compact, easy to operate and size sufficient. ‘SET’S Food Waste Solution’ will make the world a healthier and a more sustainable place to live in for the current and future generations by converting ‘Food Waste into Food Resources.’ Food waste is an ever-going problem in the world, with 22,000 hectares of landfill overflowing in Abu Dhabi alone. The depth and scope of this issue is highlighted further after our research. The reality of our landfills suggests that 40% of this accumulated waste is brought on by wasted food that could have been composted and recycled. SET’s findings also conclude that the trickle effect of food waste emits 20-25% carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. It is apparent that food waste needs to be reduced and recycled, as this type of food waste is a very much preventable problem. To drive change in the industry, SET produces Reddonatura and SmartCara technologies, which are the world’s leading food waste solutions, aiming to reduce food waste and recycle this into green compost. Seeking to safeguard the environment for future generations, SET’s vision is to ensure that these products become available to every household throughout the Middle East. The purpose of SET Limited is: to deliver industry and capability products allowing a pathway of lifetime technological solutions, in support of stakeholders and the National Environmental Framework; to provide an Environmental Solution to end consumers from all levels of the community; and to provide quality cost effective products which shall encourage and challenge end users to achieve environmental standards of excellence, in supportive communities where there is respect for the individual and cultural differences of all clients and staff. As part of its focus on quality, SET strictly abides by the UAE rules and regulations at all times so that its solutions are always fully compliant. With regards to the future, SET’s target is to divert a vast amount of food waste from landfill by 2020 with our various of solutions. The firm also seeks to introduce further campaigns into the market, enhancing its education and awareness programmes. Ultimately, the goal is for SET to be a pioneer within the waste solutions space in the Middle East, and this ambitious focus will remain key to its approach as the firm looks towards a bright future. Company: Sustainable Environmental Technologies Limited Contact: Assaad Maalouf Address: Office 1: Incubator Building 3, Level 1, Office 135-FD, Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, UAE; Office 2: Addax Tower, Al Reem Island, Office 1907, Abu Dhabi, UAE Phone: 00971 26222 621 Web Address: www.setechme.com

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