GCC Enterprise Awards 2018

18 MEA MARKETS / 2018 GCC Enterprise Awards , Hire4Baby.com provides family holiday solutions to UAE tourists and residents by offering a baby and child equipment rental service. We invited Jossette Naiken to tell us more about this innovative concept. Best Child Equipment Rental Services 2018 - UAE Hire4Baby.com offers its users the chance to hire everything they could possibly need for an enjoyable family holiday, from toys and entertainment solutions through to practical equipment such as breast pumps and high chairs. Jossette explores how this helps clients to enjoys a stress free experience and how this simple concept has helped the firm to achieve the success it enjoys today. “Offering convenience and peace of mind to parents is the top of our priority list and really the reason behind our success at Hire4Baby.com. Every step we make has that concept at the heart of the decision, and we run the business by the principles of giving a customer what they need, listening to them, and delivering what we promise. “By offering clients the chance to travel with less luggage, we can ease the stress and burden of travelling with kids by providing all the comforts of home, allowing parents to have more time and energy to enjoy their vacation safely and with peace of mind. We offer a full range of equipment from car seats and strollers to cots and toys - anything you could need for a baby, toddler or child. Our service conveniently provides delivery and collection straight to the home, hotel or airport.” It is the firm’s commitment to offering choice and quality that sets it apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best option for its varied clients, according to Jossette. “Fundamentally, our biggest focus at Hire4Baby.com is to ensure the best outcome for our customers. Our products are pretty standardized, but what sets us apart from our competitors, both locally and globally, is the level of service and professionalism we provide. Parents visiting the UAE may be unsure and uncomfortable subscribing to a service for the first time, especially where the hygiene and safety of their children is involved. We try to comfort and assure them by treating their children exactly as we would our own. We deep clean and sanitize every piece of equipment, using trusted eco and baby-friendly products, and have extensive safety checks in place to ensure a happy parent.” Recently, the UAE saw the introduction of a new law which offers Hire4Baby.com the chance to further support a new market, as Jossette explores. “In July 2017 we saw the long- awaited implementation of the child car seat laws in the UAE enforcing that all children up to four years of age must be provided with a child safety seat. Since this initiative, we have definitely seen an increase in demand for rental car seats and we have had to accommodate for this growth each travel season accordingly. Despite many premium taxi services or car rental agencies offering car seat restraints for children - the car seats themselves are often in questionable condition and customers then turn to us to cater to their needs.” GCC18006 Building upon its current, phenomenal success, Hire4Baby. com looks set to grow even further over the coming years, as Jossette is excited to conclude. “Looking ahead, our future growth plans are to continue this organic growth via education and marketing of our new and innovative service. We are also working towards forming strategic partnerships with airlines, hotels, travel agencies and government departments. Each one of these partnerships which significantly enhance and boost our offering and revenues. But the main pillar of the business will always remain the same, however, and that is to offer convenience to all parents visiting the UAE, while supporting the tourism industry. “In the long term, we would like to replicate our strategic partnership business model in other GCC and international hubs to service clients from the respective hub’s predominant airlines. Thus, we could potentially establish a hub in Abu Dhabi which could provide baby and toddler equipment rental service to clients arriving on Etihad Airways, as well as other airlines such as Fly Dubai or Emirates. All of these potential developments will offer us the chance to further enhance our success and grow even further.” Company: Hire4Baby.com Contact: Jossette Naiken Address: Cnr 22 & 29 Street, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Dubai UAE Phone: 971 50 331 4940 Website: www.hire4baby.com

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