GCC Enterprise Awards 2018

MEAMARKETS / 2018 GCC Enterprise Awards 17 , Best Boutique Law Firm - Saudi Arabia GCC18001 One 2 One Legal LLP in cooperation with Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm, provides legal services to clients based on the best local and international standards in accordance with the firms’ collective visions. We invited Siraj Al Islam to tell us more about the two firms and the work they undertake together. One 2 One Legal LLP in cooperation with Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm, aims to provide its legal services in a manner that builds trust with its esteemed clients. Navigating the legal framework of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia requires competent and commercially astute legal advisors. Now more than ever before there is a need for legal advisors to be able to provide and manage legal services which are tailored to daily business requirements of the client as opposed to offering a one size fits all solution. Siraj explores how his firm works to provide this thanks to its vast legal industry expertise and knowledge. “Here at Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm and One 2 One Legal LLP, we are effectively one firm, our approach is to provide an absolutely seamless service to clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which focuses on understanding your needs and objectives. We take the time to get to know our clients, their business and their goals and then tailor our team and approach to their preferences. In short, we care about our clients and will deliver a tailored service underpinned by integrity and honesty. “While based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our work is often international in nature and we have a number of international law firms with whom we work based on the particular needs of our client, you. Where international legal assistance is required, we will work alongside our clients to find the best partner based upon their requirements and scope of work.” Over recent years economic worries have led many clients to reduce spending and become more aware of the costs they have to pay when undertaking the engagement of legal counsel, and as such the firms both work to ensure that they are providing clients with a solution that is both high quality and value-for-money, as Siraj highlights. “There has been a slowdown of the economy over the last few years, this has created an environment where most people are looking to cut spending, an obvious area for businesses is reduction of legal spend. For us we have seen our clients even more resilient in their trust of our value to them and whilst we help them navigate the economic reality, we are going from strength to strength. This is thanks to our exceptional services and commitment to ensuring that our clients receive value when they work with us. “As our reputation grows, we are getting far more quality of work, the economic slowdown has really focussed the markets need of a firm such as ours – no devaluation of the work quality but viable economic that the clients really appreciate. Fundamentally, our clients appreciate the value they get from our firm.” In his concluding comments Siraj outlines how his firm will continue to flourish as it seeks to expand and build upon its current success. “With regards to the future, our focus is on stability and growth, and we are set to double our office space within the next 12 months. At the same time, we are keen to continue to offer our clients the same exceptional quality service that they have come to rely on.” Company: One 2 One Legal LLP in cooperation with Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm | Contact: Siraj Al Islam | Email: [email protected] | Address: Riyadh 11476, PO Box 25785, Saudi Arabia | Phone: 00966 11 466 1884 | Website: www.one2onelegal.com & www.aqeel.com.sa

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