GCC Enterprise Awards 2017

MEAMARKETS / APRIL 2017 9 , Avantgarde Communications is an innovative communications agency based in Qatar. We invitedMarkus Hofmeister to tell us more. Best Marketing & Events PR Company - Qatar Drawing on over 30 years’ experience, Avantgarde Communications is a dynamic PR and marketing firm with a unique history, as Markus explains. “Avantgarde Communications began in a unique manner. Founder Martin Schnaack, established the company in 1985, where it all began with the launch of an extremely successful fashion show in Munich. In 1991, the company then evolved into an event-marketing agency that would soon become global. Since that time, Avantgarde has developed into an agency of multidisciplinary talents working within 16 offices across the world. “Our area of expertise is to transform brand values/ideas into brand experiences whilst building long-term brand-consumer relationships. In other words, we create fans. Our services spread from brand management and consulting, to event planning, media buying and digital communication. “Clients range across the public and private sectors including local companies and international groups. They vary from the automobile industry (Lexus, Toyota, Porsche, Volkswagen), electronics industry (Samsung and Siemens) and government (Ministry of Tourism from Azerbaijan, Qatar Development Bank, Olympic Committee).” The key to supporting any client in the Middle East is to establish personal relationships based on performance and not promises. Markus believes that his firm’s local knowledge and innovative approach is key to achieving this. “What sets Avantgarde Communications apart is that we have a great mix of international and local understanding. The investment in a young team in starting years is paying off now. We have been delivering great quality for more than six years in Qatar and we are considered as a well-established agency with a wide range of clients and services.” “Our dedicated team consists of international individuals from all over the globe who have proven to be experts in different fields and out-of-the box thinkers. At Avantgarde we work across all barriers with our clients but also within our team. The words which best qualify the Avantgarde intern culture are ‘out of the box’, multicultural and diverse; and despite all our creative differences, we all share the same DNA.” Overall, the events and communications sector in Qatar is advancing at a very fast pace, as clients are looking to strengthen their brands and stay competitive within their industries. Everyone is always looking for the newest concepts to be different than the rest and to make sure they do not fall behind on current trends, and Avantgarde is no exception, and this remains its ongoing focus as it looks to build upon its current success, as Markus concludes BS170498 proudly. “The Avantgarde office has worked hard over the years to make a name for themselves in the events industry. Through hard work, consistency, creativity, introducing new-to-the-market concepts and meeting clients’ expectations, Avantgarde has managed to build up an impressive client portfolio, consisting of international and local companies. These clients have continuously put their trust in us and remained loyal for the past years for which we are thankful. “Moving forward, our goal for the years to come is to accompany the evolution of Qatar and help create fans.” Company: Avantgarde Communications Qatar W.L.L Contact: Markus Hofmeister Contact Email: markus. [email protected] Address: Al-Awwam Street 33, P.O Box 2461, Doha State of Qatar, Qatar Phone: 00974 443 17036