Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 83 , Dec21015 Spawning from Lebanon, over the past decade M. A. Chidiac Studio has launched to great success and has become a recognisable face within the visual communication industry. Whether the project calls for animation or online marketing, the company is equipped to design bespoke solutions that are sure to impress and capture the imagination. Its portfolio is filled with names known around the world, including FC Barcelona, with whom it created the virtual experience for its museum. Best Visual Communication Agency - Middle East Established in 2012, the past decade has been flooded with prosperity and ingenuity for M. A. Chidiac Studio, and as a result, it has grown to be one of the most prominent digital production houses and design agencies in the region. Operating as a full-service visual communication agency located in the heart of the cultural metropolis Beirut, Lebanon, M. A. Chidiac Studio initially specialised in animation before diving into architectural rendering, graphic design, video editing, digital editing, and online marketing. Its animation branch focuses upon the complete production of traditional and computergenerated animation, including mixed-media, 2D, 3D, business explainer and CG animation. To expand on this, M. A. Chidiac Studio deals with character development, storyboard, animatics, modelling, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering. Whereas, when it comes to graphic design, the company utilises both digital and print designs, covering corporate identity, branding, visual design, UX/UI, typography, layout and merchandise design. In turn, it is abundantly clear that the company has forged a diverse portfolio that is filled with internationally renowned clients. From Oxfam to the Paris Saint Germain Academy, M. A. Chidiac Studio boasts an extensive list of clients from around the world. For example, the studio developed the FC Barcelona Museum virtual experience, however, it has also created airport security videos for The International Centre for Migration Policy Development. Yet no matter what the project entails, M. A. Chidiac Studio treats each project with the utmost delicacy, attention, and detail. The company endeavours to serve each client with enthusiasm and commitment – simply, it loves what it does. Whether small or large scale, M. A. Chidiac Studio is devoted to gaining the client’s confidence and trust. This acquisition of trust is bolstered by the company’s highly skilled, professional team. ‘There’s no ‘I’ in team,’ runs through the heart of the team, dictating how they operate and conduct internal communications. It seeks to guarantee that it has a human-centred work culture that encourages growth, productivity, positive relationships and innovative risk-taking. Indeed, M. A. Chidiac Studio has cultivated a working environment that inspires collaboration – a vital element to the work the studio conducts. As such, the company has made a name for itself in an industry that is known for its cut-throat, ruthless nature. Interestingly, M. A. Chidiac Studio differs from this common mindset, it believes that ‘there is room for everyone in the market, that [it] can grow vertically while helping others.’ This overwhelming sense of humanity and kindness has allowed the company to grow during the deepening Covid-19 crisis. Through creating promotional videos for NGOs’ services, handling their social media accounts, or raising awareness about mental and physical health, M. A. Chidiac Studio ensured its survival even throughout the most turbulent of times. Moreover, maintaining an awareness of industry trends has furthered the company’s success. Most recently, the visual communication industry has seen artificial intelligence and machine learning, virtual experiences, and the meta verse rise in popularity. Consequently, M. A. Chidiac Studio has stood at the forefront of this influx, exploring the new domains that have taken the industry by storm. Both the company and its clients have benefitted from the trend because it has invoked adaptation across the board. 2022 marks the company’s tenth anniversary, henceforth, M. A. Chidiac Studio’s plan for the next year involves a period of reflection. It wants to look back across its milestones, seeing where the company has come from, and shape its future accordingly. In addition, the upcoming year features plans for expansion, both into new markets and in the experimentation with ground-breaking technologies. Contact: Mohammad Ali Chidiac Company: M. A. Chidiac Studio Web Address: