Business Awards 2021

82 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21361 Be it branding strategy or media planning, Bassmat is home tomultiple marketing solutions that have been designed to enhance and inspire. Indeed, Bassmat is on amission to create an ‘infinite impact that the world can sense and truthfully embrace.’ Working with clients across a variety of industries, Bassmat has influenced the marketing plans of big-name companies across the globe and is the hiddenmagic behind international campaigns. Best Digital Marketing Agency 2021 - Saudi Arabia Seamlessly blending creativity and technology, Bassmat has developed an effective solution to transform and grow their clients’ businesses. Operating as a full-service integrated and digital marketing leading agency, Bassmat masterfully crafts useful connected ecosystems that aid businesses in their evolution and build enduring relationships between brands and consumers. The company has worked with numerous household names, including Canon, Hyundai, and Pepsi, and is trusted by industry giants across the region. With a plethora of services in its arsenal, Bassmat collaborates with its clients in order to develop an effective plan that is guaranteed to work. Its style consists of three key elements, ‘listen, communicate, and create,’ which serve as the fundamental platform upon which the company conducts its work. Bassmat is not just a marketing platform, it’s an all-encompassing company that hosts a multitude of bespoke solutions – therefore, it intends to infuse each project it undertakes with an abundance of attention and enthusiasm. As a result, Bassmat has a portfolio that stands out from the crowd. Its work is unique, innovative, and is sure to wield results. Such a mindset carries over into the way it treats its clients. Indeed, Bassmat drives its clients to overcome the internal challenges within their business structures, as it endeavours to motivate, to encourage, and to push its clients to the next level. After all, this is the company’s purpose. It is inherently crafted for those that aspire to achieve, for those that understand that purpose isn’t just an aspect of business, but a way of life. Furthermore, it strives to build the unimaginable with its clients, as together they are stronger. In turn, its team thrives upon dynamic communication, extensive expertise, and teamwork. Bassmat takes pride in its team of qualified national individuals, citing that it is they who enable the company to work to the best of its ability. Moreover, it has many partnerships with selected consultants around the world who integrate with the local team and communicate with each other using the latest technology. Originating in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Bassmat has since opened offices in Jeddah and Dubai, UAE. As a result, the company benefits from a booming economy and an industry that enables it to constantly adapt. This does, however, come alongside its own set of challenges – for one, as the industry is expanding, more companies are filling up the market. Henceforth, it is imperative for Bassmat to build its own distinctive brand. Through its ability to transform businesses, brands and people’s lives with creative solutions, Bassmat accomplishes this, forging a divide between itself and the competition. Contact: Eng. Abdulrahman Saud Company: Bassmat Advertising Company Email: [email protected] Web Address: