Business Awards 2021

44 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 Dec21739 is the next-generation digital ecosystem that empowers both individuals and businesses across logistics transport, recyclables trading, andmuchmore. In response to the demands of a digital world which values convenience, efficiency and immediacy as fundamental decision drivers, leverages on digitalisation as the catalyst for smart, streamlined solutions to everyday consumer and business challenges. With an evolving portfolio of innovative digital services and platforms, aims tomeet the new demands of today’s dynamic landscape. Innovative Tech Solution of the Year - UAE’s vision is to champion a new way of living and working by digitalising essential services, with its smart platforms simplifying businessto-business and business-toconsumer transactions. The collect platform is “uberising” the instant transportation market. It has revolutionised the logistics sector by uniting independent operators and smallscale service providers under a single, digitalised system that provides one-tap access for timesensitive consumers who demand a smart, fast-track solution. Consumers who want to transport bulky, heavy items such as furniture or appliances will have the choice of engaging independent operators, small-scale service providers or moving and transportation companies via collect. collect also offers its services to residents who are also looking to move into a new apartment or a villa, providing one-tap access to trucks of different sizes, a driver, and optional moving crew. Through collect, users can take advantage of services from reliable movers and packers, including furniture dismantling and reassembly and a handyman for drilling, wall hangings and installation of white goods. collect has also partnered with Union Paper Mills UAE and Zero Waste Recycling UAE to support the easy disposal of bulky, heavy items and encourage the UAE’s transition to a circular economy by overseeing the transportation of items from the customer’s home and delivering them to the facilities for material recovery and recycling. To date, the collect app has over 15,000 downloads, and over 4,000 transportation trips have been completed. Major UAEbased companies have benefited from the service including e-commerce companies, waste management companies, furniture companies and SMEs.’s second platform market also streamlines recyclables trading. This virtual marketplace for business-tobusiness buying and selling of recovering commodities such as scrap metal, recyclable plastic, and mixed fibres has transformed the industry by replacing the traditional middleman with a digital platform. It’s also solving the pain points that buyers and sellers are facing in today’s recyclables trading journey, and benefits both users as it includes access to thousands of qualified buyers and sellers in specialised material categories, eliminating middleman fees with bid transparency for fair market value pricing. believes that its marketplace app is the future of recyclables trading, with expectations for it to grow and expand in the UAE and internationally. Ultimately, the impact of is positively changing the way the business of logistics and recyclable trading is conducted in the region, and that influence is only set to grow in the coming years. Company: (FZE) Email: [email protected] Website: