Business Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / Business Awards 2021 23 , Dec21532 PearlQuest Interactive is an information technology company catering to the gulf market. The company initially started as a service provider of customdesign and development of interactive content/applications for web, mobile and out-of-home (OOH) media space. The main driver was its competence to provide these turnkey solutions to businesses in the region. Consumer engagement and large-scale interactive interfaces were seen as the most significant potential. Best Global Interactive Design Software Development Company 2021 The philosophy behind PearlQuest Interactive’s service is to become a part of each client’s team. Company founder, Badal Dixit said, “Our clients feel we are their partners, unlike other sub-contractors. We believe our service is more than solving a problem; we brainstorm, approach it together, and let our clients rely on us for the solution.” Although the primary focus of PearlQuest is digital media, it has strived to have some remarkable related technologies under its banner. One niche has been the development of interactive interfaces for consumer engagement viz. multi-touch, gesture controlled, and virtual/ augmented reality interfaces. PearlQuest has always been a technology-first company. Though its offering is from a creative standpoint, its engagement strategies have always been technologydriven. Keeping technology at the forefront has allowed the company to constantly reinvent, as the world sees the umbrella of technical fields evolving rapidly. Its approach in digital media has given it various points to pivot into something bigger and better. Badal said, “In 2013, we initially started as an interactive interface company, creating digital out-ofhome media and applications. Today, in 2022, our objective is moved towards the Metaverse. We strive to enhance our augmented and virtual reality (XR) solution capabilities.” The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in accelerated digitalisation of the world, with the introduction of mass virtual events using platforms such as Zoom and webinars. In line with PearlQuest’s objective for 2022, the next stage of virtual events will see attendees meet online as avatars in a 3D world. This concept was a huge success with events like Laval Virtual and platforms like Virbella. Organisers can now arrange event exhibitions and trade shows in virtual spaces. Also, the education sector is embracing XR. PearlQuest has had a few inquiries from universities who want to transform their learning material into immersive content. Badal said, “It is a fantastic initiative by some universities to think beyond the limits of traditional pedagogy. Because of COVID restrictions, it is imperative to immerse students remotely in high-quality learning material and focus on digital, gamification, and immersion strategies.” Benefiting PearlQuest in its mission is its location in the MEA region, which is progressive and forward-thinking. Badal said, “Being headquartered in Dubai, we benefit from a melting pot of cultures and brilliant ideas that take shape. Dubai is probably one place in the world where any concept is turned into reality faster than anticipated. One of the immense opportunities, due to its fruition last year, was the Expo 2020. Despite the pandemic and a complete oneyear postponement, this mega event gave us, along with many other small and large companies, a unique platform for growth.” Also a key contributor to PearlQuest’s success is its employees, whom Badal refers to as “tech rock stars”. The company has an open culture internally, as it primarily serves the events industry and timings, and work structures therefore can’t be well-defined. Most projects have ad-hoc requirements and the team needs to deal with haphazard work hours. Nevertheless, serving a short-term eventrelated project gives the team a deep sense of satisfaction when successful execution occurs. Transparency and candour are two of the main value drivers, keeping the team closely knit. With regards to new prospective employees, the company has positioned itself with a wellestablished image on the internet which attracts new talent. Ultimately, PearlQuest is a highly ambitious and innovative company that stops at nothing to make concepts a reality. The future looks bright as it moves towards huge plans for 2022 and the years ahead. Badal tells us, “We wish to focus mainly on development for the Metaverse. We intend to use our expertise and know-how in interactive user experiences to create immersive XR applications in retail, education and training.” He added, “There are still gaps that need to be addressed in the Middle East region concerning AR and VR development. There seems to be growing awareness within many sectors, but what is lacking is a clear path moving forward.” Company: PearlQuest Interactive Contact: Badal Dixit Email: [email protected] Website: