Business Awards 2021

22 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 , Dec21740 New Perspective Media Group, a media and communications specialist that has become the biggest Filipino media group due to its knowledge of and ability to reach out empathically to its market segment. Supplemented by years of experience with private companies, it knows what it means to bridge a communications gap, helping clients to connect with their market segment on a real level through technology and understanding as it looks forward towards an optimistic future, one characterised by driving the new frontier of marketing for government entities, SMEs, and leading corporate powers alike. Best Publishing & Content Creation Services Company - UAE Based in Dubai, New Perspective Media Group is a group creating contentdriven marketing and communications solutions for its myriad of diverse and dynamic clientele across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. With four different offices across the Middle East and Asiatic Pacific, its integrated marketing communications services to the top Governmental and Fortune 500 companies in the region have made it a front runner in its sector and an expert in customer outreach. New Perspective Media Group – or NPM – has successfully managed to create and solidify connections between investors, partners, and governmental agencies throughout the years, with over 1000 brands and companies reaching their target customers through content-driven integrated marketing communications. Additionally, this is something it has been developing over its 11 years in the trade, with the service of brands and companies in more than 10 sectors across 36 different countries. It does this by way of its six different divisions, covering everything from PR and stake-holders communications to branding and creative productive, digital and social media management, media buying, events management, and professional translation. NPM is also the largest Filipino focused advertising, digital media, news publishing, PR, and events activations company in the UAE and MENA; having gained the ownership of The Filipino Times in recent years as one of the activities that secured this title for it, it now has significant sway over the biggest news agency outside the Philippines and with the largest online news portal of Filipinos overseas. Rooted in the building of reputations – the driving force behind all its activities – it combines marketing prowess, local know-how, and technical expertise in specific segments in order to craft winning stories for its clients in order to enable them to achieve their goals. Furthermore, its philosophy is one of identifying a client’s strength in order to teach them how best to use this to achieve growth and prosperity, working hard to develop coherent and effective marketing strategies that resonate with audiences and perfectly reflect the array of PR and marketing campaigns that it has been able to step up to the plate to help with. This, emboldened by the inherent innovation of NPM, is something that is ensuring it can keep up with the fastchanging and dynamic world of corporate communications. Having made a distinct mark for over a decade, its policy is one of adapting ahead of a changing world so that it is always one of the first through any given gateposts, able to forecast the future and plan for it accordingly, something that its clients directly benefit from at every turn. Located in one of the fastest growing, most fascinating, and most progressive of the MENASA region countries, NPM’s home base in Dubai is giving it a great springboard from which it can reach the rest of the world. Bucking the trends of traditional media models, embracing the bottom-up model of digital media communications, focusing on connecting people as its foremost goal. Internally, its leadership allows this by way of its excellent leadership, with its founders being two marketing and communication journalists wishing to build up an exemplary team and work with quick turnaround, flexibility, and creativity to create the marketing and communications materials of tomorrow. Company: New Perspective Media Group Contact: Vince Ang Website: