Business Awards 2021

12 MEA MARKETS / Business Awards 2021 , Best Homemade Specialty Coffee Café – Dubai Saddle Cafe LLC is theUAE’s best kept secret. Home to a surplus of deliciousmeals, including La Brioche Bacon&Cheese and Avocadowith Labneh&Homemade Tomato Jam, the company is capable of catering to all tastes with an exquisite level of quality. Furthermore, Saddle Cafe LLC is on amission to take over theworld, supplying customers with satisfying street and breakfast foods. Across twelve outlets in two countries, Saddle Cafe LLC takes pleasure in serving over one million customers every year. What makes the café so popular? From its delectable range of croissants to its wide range of coffee, Saddle Cafe LLC fills its menu with fascinating flavours, innovative meals, and refreshing beverages. Moreover, the customer service is nothing short of excellence, and its staff have been described as friendly and attentive. Mohamed M. Al Falasi, a young entrepreneur and founder of Saddle Cafe LLC, has collected experience across numerous industries. After the completion of his post-graduate course in finance and accounting from the United Kingdom, Mohamed held senior positions for over a decade with the Dubai Government offices, as well as the Big Four consulting firm KPMG. In turn, Mohamed quickly became one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in the Real Estate, F&B, and General Trading industries in the UAE. Following a different path, Mohamed now owns and operates the successful café chain Saddle Cafe LLC alongside Feels Juice Bar & Kitchen and has upcoming plans to expand further within the multi-dimensional food and beverage market that exists around the world. 2015 saw the establishment of Saddle Cafe LLC’s first branch – a horse trailer that had been revamped into a fully-fledged café. Stemming from humble beginnings in the UK, the company made the leap over to Dubai in 2017. It was here that the brand flourished. Two long years of preparation, research, and commitment had prepared the company for its launch, and with great success, it began its journey to the top of the industry. The company credits its success to its ‘unique product, operations, marketing, and staff,’ however, its staying power is determined by its devotion to its identity and values. Known for its extensive menu, from avocado toast to crêpes, Saddle Cafe LLC provides tasty and healthy comfort food. Featuring creative combinations such as cheese and chip crêpes, it’s safe to say that the company doesn’t shy away from experimenting with unique flavours. However, each meal is guaranteed to please; hearty and flavourful, each dish seamlessly combines a fine dining quality with the ease of street food. For example, its cheese croissant isn’t a simple frozen item that’s sprinkled with cheese. Instead, the croissant comes freshly baked, doused in a satisfying mix of a variety of melted cheeses. Saddle Cafe LLC is on a mission to provide its customers with a distinctive food experience that will invoke discussion, fulfil, and leave customers wanting more. It is with this in mind that the company has developed its core values – creativity, passion, consistency, loyalty, positivity, and integrity. Indeed, these values serve as the fundamental force behind how the company operates. each element is infused within the company’s structure, its staff, and, of course, its Founder. Furthermore, the company endeavours to provide the best possible service to each of its customers, and it vows to give them a food experience that they will be sure to remember. Of course, in an industry that is fiercely competitive, it is vital to stand out from the crowd. Henceforth, Saddle Cafe LLC – from its locations to its price point – has been designed to be different. First and foremost, the company’s locations have been chosen as they are geographically strategic, showcasing some of the city’s most appealing landmarks and scenery. Customers can enjoy mouth-watering, nourishing meals whilst taking in the breath-taking landscape – be it the bustling streets featuring vibrant graffiti walls or an endless coastline. In addition, the company bolsters its uniqueness via the treatment of its staff. Unlike much of its competition, Saddle Cafe LLC focuses upon fair and ethical employment – it maintains numerous staff welfare programs and initiatives to ensure the wellbeing of all 300 staff members. Additionally, the company prioritises diversity and hosts an experienced talent pool from over 50 countries. The company’s success is abundantly clear through the endless positive reviews that it has received. Be it the team or the locations, compliments flow freely – covering each aspect of the company. One happy customer commented, “I had such a beautiful experience here with my family.” A key focus of the reviews are the appetizing meals and beverages, Alifiya Mustafa M stated that Saddle Cafe LLC is, “A delicious and healthy food specially […] for breakfast lovers.” Simply, the company oozes quality, treating its customers to an unforgettable, premium food experience. Throughout 2022, Saddle Cafe LLC is set to continue its climb to global success. With branches set up in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia, the company is setting its sights upon further expansion, not only across the UAE and surrounding areas, but across the globe. Ultimately, it hopes to achieve excellence within each branch, fulfilling customers and maintaining its reputation. Contact: Nabil El Kourdy Company: Saddle Cafe LLC Web Address: Dec21183