Business Awards 2020

MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 67 , IT Equipment Retailer of the Year - Tanzania Laptop City Limited Anewand innovative start up in the heart of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, Laptop City Limited is a company that has a simple yet effective solution to its success; it stocks and provide all kinds of IT equipment. Theworld is becoming increasingly digital, so the need for equipment that can continue tomeet demand is imperative. Despite only starting operations in September 2012, the firmhas already positioned itself as a household brand name, and has achieved great success. Join us as we find outmore about the firm in this profile. Upon its foundation almost eight and a half years ago, Laptop City was purely a retail outlet that was trading in IT equipment. Over the course of those eight and a half years, the firm has come a long way and is now able to proudly declare itself a household brand name that is familiar to customers all over Dar Es Salaam and Tanzania as a whole. This success can largely be attributed to a highly simple, yet enormously effective concept of business that Laptop City has employed since its inception: to provide customized solutions when it comes generic trading of goods and services in IT equipment. Armed with a customer-centric attitude at all times, a strong sense of self- belief in what it has to offer its clients, and an unmatched desire to go the extra mile, Laptop City has managed to gain a sizeable share of the market within a short space of time. It is these traits that form the cornerstone of the firm and support the foundation of what it has to offer. In terms of products, there is a wide range of the latest IT equipment and products that Laptop City. As its name would suggest, the firm does offer laptops, as well as desktop computers, servers, printers, printer connections, toners, cartridges, Apple-branded products, computer accessories, and UPS and AVR units. Having this hardware is one thing, but Laptop City also prides itself on offering a great selection of standard Microsoft and Adobe software packages, along anti-virus software to ensure its customers can enjoy maximum protection when using their new devices. As has already been mentioned, the world is becoming an increasingly digital place where new innovations and developments are constantly being created and released. Jan21130 Turbulent and ever-evolving, the technology industry places great burden on stock retailers to always have the latest products in store. Laptop City has always managed to withstand the present pressures pertaining to this industry by differentiating itself from its various competitors within the space. The key differentiators that the firm has to offer includes proper ensuring of stock regarding the latest products, as well as the provision of timely support and treating each customer as the only customer at that moment in time. These characteristics and elements to the service provided by Laptop City have given rise to a company that is posed to tackle the challenges of an ever-growing industry. Being located in Africa, Laptop City has made full use of its local and international affiliate links in the United Kingdom, United States, and United Arab Emirates to be at the forefront of IT deliverances and deliveries in Tanzania. Capitalising on these connections, Laptop City is always able to ensure that it has the latest technologies and IT equipment for its customers. This is a firm that understands the direction that the world is moving, and the speed with which it is moving in that direction. By ensuring that all of its clients have the ability and equipment to stay up to date in a rapidly evolving world, Laptop City has rightfully earned its title as the IT Equipment Retailer of the Year – Tanzania. Company: Laptop City Limited Contact: Abbas Chandoo Website: