Business Awards 2020

66 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Most Pioneering Media Agency - West Africa mediaReach OMD Media andAdvertising plays a pivotal role in themarketing efforts ofmost companieswhich is a key determinant of the success of any business. AcrossWest Africa, there is one pioneeringmedia agency that stands out above the rest: mediaReachOMD. Discovermore about the firmaswe take a closer look at what it has to offer its clients and customers acrossWest Africa. Established just before the turn of the millennium and starting operations in 1999, mediaReach OMD has grown over more than two decades of impressive service to become the biggest media agency working in West & Central Africa today. Covering a wide myriad of regions, countries, and areas, mediaReach OMD is now the number one independent media specialist for countries across Western and Central Africa, and beyond. Since its inception and to this day, the firm has focused its every effort and attention on the development and provision of world-class media planning and buying services to leading international clients across this continental sub-region. In fact, not only has the firm focused its attention on these areas, but the agency has also given direction to the practice of media planning and buying Nigeria and much of the rest of the Western and Central Africa sub-region. In its first year of operation alone, over twenty years ago, mediaReach OMD was responsible for the revolutionization of media practice in Nigeria. The work of mediaReach OMD achieved this level of revolutionization by initiating standards to ensure unprecedented high media compliance by media owners, and ensuring prompt payments for placements were implemented. It did not take long for these standards to take hold and change the way in which the media industry operated across the sub-region. Within a mere eighteen months of operation, mediaReach OMD had managed to lead the media industry of West and Central Africa in positive directions by championing and pioneering the launch of media planning data and analysis tools. Since its early days, the firm has also been responsible for the launch and further development of proprietary tools that are still in use today, which includes ESPRI and Media Star, both of which can be used for effective and efficient media plans. Since 2003, just a few years after its establishment, mediaReach OMD has also undertaken the sole production and publication of an industry-accepted and recognised data collection book about the West and Central African advertising scene. Also pitched as the only existing manual for media advertising information across those various regions, the West & Central African Media Facts Book is an outstanding tool for any individual or organisation that wants to learn more about the advertising industry and data surrounding West & Central Africa. Yet, despite all the hard work that the firm has carried out, it continues to push for more given its own lack of satisfaction around how much has been achieved. Despite having extraordinary media practice credentials and accreditations to its name in Nigeria as well as West and Central African sub-regions, mediaReach OMD is still unsatisfied with these accomplishments. Therefore, it has continued to challenge the Nov20733 dynamics and norms of the marketplace. The firm’s desire to leverage international work tools, talents, and ideas led it to affiliate with OMD, the global media advertising company of Omnicom in 2003. Omnicom is, arguably, the world’s largest marketing communications network with offices in more than eighty countries. Leveraging its newfound place in this community of media organisations, mediaReach OMD has been able to capitalise on its affiliation and utilise the global capabilities of OMD to benefit its local and international clients, as well as their brands. In 2020, mediaReach OMD became the 1st African media agency ever to win at the Festival of media global FOMG Awards - an award that celebrates the BEST media campaigns from around the world. Ultimately, media continues to dominate much of what the world does at this point in time. With so much emphasis placed on the importance of media, advertising, and communication, the work of mediaReach OMD across much of West and Central Africa is nothing short of exceptional. On a broader outlook, the company sees itself as an enabler in the West & Central African market, tasked with unlocking business potentials for her Clients within the region. Company: mediaReach OMD Contact: Nitinchandra Nandekar Website: