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MEAMARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards 57 , Executive CVWriting Service that is Revolutionizing the Job Market Visualize Resourcing The game has changed. Headhunting and online candidate searches are becoming industry standard. Is your online presence and CV/resume ready for this? With their futuristic and fresh approach to CV Writing and Personal Branding, Visualize Resourcing perfected the art of writing and designing CV’s/Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles and Cover Letters that give their clients the winning edge needed in today’s competitive job market. We look more closely at this company in light of its recent award-winning success. While some people find it easy to identify their skills and present themselves exceptionally well on paper, the vast majority of us find it difficult to tell the best version of our ‘story’. An ordinary CV writer simply reconstructs a template with pre-set headings, utilizing clichéd expressions, set phrases and well-known constructions to describe abilities and work path. In contrast, the Executive CV Writers at Visualize Resourcing understand that each individual is different, and every industry/position is, too. Their innovative process is life-changing and deliver results globally! Depending on the target audience, the tone and the priorities of the narrative can shift drastically. Restriction of a CV’s format and narrative to fit narrow, cookie-cutter paradigms will not create the best branding. This company follows a unique & individualized approach to writing and designing – it is staunchly against using templates and pre-set boring layouts. Johan Marais, an Executive Business Development Leader and recent client of Visualize Resourcing states: “If you need a CV that is truly mind-blowing, exciting and beyond anything you ever expected, Vanessa and her team at Visualise Resourcing are extremely professional and efficient, and with their industry knowledge and expertise, they have the ability to create magic. They encapsulate a lifelong career in a concise and visually attractive manner. This is not a simple re-write, but rather a complete re-design that suits your skills and personality perfectly.” Telecom Executive, Phil Horey whose CV assisted him in securing a role with a market leader in the UK, said: “I am on an international journey and the compliments I am getting about my professional CV are staggering. Most professionals have never Dec20389 seen such a well scripted and designed CV. Recruiters use various algorithms/Ai/ATS shortlisting programmes and the design used by Visualize is making me the number 1 candidate out of all applicants. This has been told to me by various agencies and they have remarked on how great and professional my CV is.” “Visualize Resourcing is dedicated to a ‘show, don’t tell’ attitude as far as reviews are concerned,” says its Founder, Vanessa Carlson. In an industry prone to a culture of fake reviews, this company strives to be the opposite. They have received great verifiable reviews over the years and encourages clients to verify their CV writers’ reputation on sites such as LinkedIn and independent review sites for them to get a true idea of the person they are trusting to write their CV. It strives for 100% satisfaction in every client they work with, prizing word of mouth referrals to further grow the business. All these elements together make for an excellent reputation that precedes it in its target market. The company provides a full, top-down view of the recruitment industry - from hiring trends to how executive level headhunters operate - given that many within the organisation have first-hand experience of these roles. The Visualize professional CV writers work with you to identify your value proposition, outstanding attributes, desired career path, preferred workstyle, ambitions as well as skills and then present it in a professional, unique and non-boastful way. During this journey, the CV writer and client will be in direct and constant contact to allow the writer to personally engage with and understand the clients’ aspirations. This is accomplished through a targeted content-collection process, creating a culture of trust between the writer and the client. The “Visualize approach” makes for a creative, fresh brand philosophy that includes elegant writing, concise informative language usage to quantify achievements combined with uniquely custom-designed layouts. Connect: Website: Best Executive CV Writing Experts 2020