Business Awards 2020

56 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Best Independent Auditing Consultancy Firm - UAE CAPEX Hassan Auditing Established back in 2012, CAPEX is an auditing company that has grown over the last nine years to become a leading and independent firm in the audit and advisory space for companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & northern Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. With years of experience in the industry, CAPEX has achieved andmaintained an incredible list of satisfied clients across all industries. Join us as we find out more about this exceptional firm, and why it deserves success in theMEA Business Awards. Under the verticals of audit, consulting, and account management services, CAPEX has slowly but surely built up a reputation for being one of the most outstanding audit consultancy firms in the United Arab Emirates. Financial burdens can often be one of the most primary and common roadblocks for a business that is seeking to take its service to the next level. At CAPEX, the firm takes these roadblocks and transforms them into opportunities. Rather than let the complexities of a client’s financials burden them any longer, CAPEX offers audits that aim to help a brand reach its objectives, identify potential risk factors, and enhance the operations of the business in question. All of the audits conducted by the firm are done so in-house, meaning there is no outsourcing to a company that does not understand the client the way that CAPEX does. The statutory audits conducted by CAPEX all involve the examination of an entity’s financial statements and accompanying disclosures, completed by a registered auditor. Across the board, the services at CAPEX include various specializations in internal and statutory audits, business consulting, accounting, and financial management. The firm as a whole is committed to addressing the most pressing and immediate financial matters and risks that are in danger of robbing a business of their hard-earned success. Within the audit services that CAPEX provides, there are both statutory and internal audits, as well as special audits which are necessary under certain circumstances. Business consulting, though very different to auditing work, is another area of specialization that CAPEX offers, and it includes VAT consultation, feasibility studies, mergers and acquisitions advisory, business plans, and business valuation services. Finally, there is also the work of accounts management. Whether a client requires daily or monthly management, the work of CAPEX can be vital in helping manage accounts, as well as sift through accounts backlogs, and payroll management. Why work specifically alongside CAPEX, however? As an outsourcing business itself, CAPEX is sure to deliver confidentiality, professionalism, and undeniable value to the fore for its clients. Every single business that it works with receives the financial expertise that they need in order to advance their wealth and reach greater heights of success within their chosen field. Furthermore, CAPEX boasts a competitively- priced fee structure that enables more companies, including small enterprises, to receive a highly professional financial service that was once reserved for large corporations. That service is inclusive of a wealth of business knowledge and experience which is available to every client, regardless of their size or stature in an industry. Dec20450 As per the rule of the land if a company hires any staff or accountant, then the company has to take care of the visa, insurance, Emirates ID, annual air ticket to home country, 1 month of paid leave in a year and other necessary expenses related to hiring. The risk of hiring a wrong staff and all the above-mentioned cost can the saved if a company hires CAPEX to manage their accounts. All the staff at CAPEX are qualified. Based on nationality they are either CA, CPA or ACCA. Staff at CAPEX speak 8 international languages so clients feel at easy dealing with CAPEX. Signing a non-disclosure agreement, getting monthly updated reports, getting professional service are part of the package. At a time when a business needs flexibility, affordability, and highly professional auditing, financial accounting, and business consulting services, there are few more obvious choices than CAPEX. This is a business name that clients can place their complete trust in, and the firm’s aim has always been to provide every client with the value that they need and deserve in every financial practice. CAPEX’s team in the United Arab Emirates is wholly committed to maintaining confidentiality and assuring compliant services. This firm can help every client run their business more effectively, and make the best possible financial decisions for every future success. Company: CAPEX Hassan Auditing Contact: Anant Debesh Telephone: #+971 50 2579302 | # +971 4 5850641 Email: [email protected] Website: