Business Awards 2020

42 MEA MARKETS / 2020MEA Business Awards , Best Aromatherapy Products - UAE Aroma Tierra A company unique in both product range and approach, aromatherapy brand Aroma Tierra is championing the importance of ethically sourced products in its industry. Based in the Dubai and boasting the largest range of essential oils in the region with over 150 products, Aroma Tierra is setting a new standard for natural beauty and wellness. Its product line includes essential oils, face and body oils, and aromatherapy products. All of these are made up of the highest quality elements brought in from all over the world. Aroma Tierra works closely with farms and suppliers in over 35 countries across the globe to source the best quality ingredients based on where they are best produced/grown. Their lemon oil is from Italy, the lavender is from the French highlands, and the tea tree is from Australia, for example. Aroma Tierra’s products have complete transparency and each product can be directly traced back to its origin. During the development of these high-quality products, the company does not use any post-processing, refining, or deodorising, keeping its promise that all its products are as natural as one can get. Its work in organic ingredients and products has earned it a ‘certified organic’ tag from ECOCERT, a French certification body. At the moment, Aroma Tierra is the only beauty and wellness business in the region to have received this. The company’s dedication to non-toxic and environmentally friendly practice extends to its packaging too. It uses purpose-designed bottles made of violet glass to preserve the potency of their products, recycling as much as possible, avoiding single-use plastics and only engaging in fair trade sustainable farming. All its lines are cruelty free. The company is very particular about ensuring that all its products are extensively tested and abide by all relevant regulations and quality control requirements. As evident in their products, Aroma Tierra follows a set of key company values: integrity and ethics, commitment and diligence, care and respect, and learning and innovation. Its customer-first attitude has been paramount to securing its success within its industry – as shown by its glowing reviews – and customers often find its service to be personable and intimate. Customers have a direct line of communication with the service team via a range of channels including WhatsApp, phone calls, email and chat applications. Additionally, the company has worked hard to ensure that its products arrive in a timely fashion, with next day delivery in UAE, and 2-5 days in GCC. It also offers multiple payment options including flexible instalment plans. In much of the beauty industry, the newest advances mean heavily synthesised and chemical treated products. However, Aroma Tierra believes that more and more consumers are turning away from synthetic or chemical laden products and preferring natural products. It will continue to fill this demand, by staying true to its mission of bringing the best in nature to people’s everyday lives. A recent challenge Aroma Tierra encountered over the course of the last 12 months was due to the pandemic outbreak. While the business did see some reduction in demand, the key challenge was the significant disruption in its many supply lines as countries tighten border-crossing regulations. However, in response to this Dec20369 it has adapted to alter its shipping schedule and created buffers of stock. The company did not reduce any staff or announce any pay- cuts during the pandemic and lockdowns. Despite the intensity and unexpected nature of the difficulties, Aroma Tierra found that due to its already established online presence and a loyal customer base, it could continue to thrive, focusing its attention on offering better delivery and payment options, as well as continuing to prepare for expansion once the pandemic is over. Aroma Tierra has done good work in its industry, and has set its sights on expanding to become a major player in its sector. In the future, it will be continuing to focus on converting the market in MEA from synthetic beauty supplies to organic through expanding its marketing effort and educating its potential customers. After the pandemic, it intends to open its flagship stores, and adding more lines of products to its range, such as specialty skin-care and hair-care products and direct application roll-ons. It is also producing an 100% natural perfume line that it is looking forward to introducing in the next three to four months. Aroma Tierra also plans to expand to other countries in the Middle-East as well as in South Asia. Company: Aroma Tierra Website: AROMA TIERRA Nature • Body • Soul AROMA TIERRA