Business Awards 2019

MEAMARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards 9 ENATA The latest 2020 model of the FOILER includes some of the most innovative features found on a luxury yacht. Designed to be the epitome of sleek elegance, the yacht comes complete with a two separate cockpits; one in the centre of the craft, and a front seat joystick that will allow passengers to steer from the front bow. Complete with a 740 horsepower propulsion system, twin V8 diesel engines, and manoeuvrability to rival even the most agile yachts, this is not just a marvel of ENATA’s engineering; it is an icon of luxury. Whilst the meter-high waves are tossing other regular boats about on the surface of the water, the FOILER rises above as a beacon of stability and security. Comfortable even for the most seasick travellers, the yacht can reach speeds of up to forty knots against a normal boat who is restricted to between ten and fifteen knots. Without compromising on the speed, steadiness, and safety of the yacht either, the FOILER is also a significantly more fuel-effective solution for sailors in search of superior luxury. Ultimately, ENATA represents what a global leader should be; innovative, game-changing, and wholly committed to delivering products that push the boundaries of what science and engineering can accomplish. The FOILER is unquestionably one of the most innovative and luxurious yachts in the world, whilst the firm is completely deserving of its title as Best Marine and Aerospace Technology Company. With even bigger and better plans on the horizon for 2020 and beyond, ENATA will continue to lead the way for firms across not just the Middle East, but the entire world. Company: ENATA Contact: Alois Vieujot Website: FOILER: