Business Awards 2019

8 MEA MARKETS / 2019MEA Business Awards , receives only the best product possible. Acting together as one global group under the banner of ENATA, the divisions are as collaborative as they are innovative. Technology is shared and can help create truly ground- breaking developments in the marine and aviation industries. The results include some of the most advanced products that the world has ever seen. By housing some of the world’s leading experts and minds, ENATA is light years ahead of the competition. The enormous engineering and R&D teams focus on creating projects that most companies could not even envision. Crucially however, every single member of the team is on the same page. Working together, the entire team’s emphasis is on precision work, quality, engineering, innovation, and constant improvement, but not solely for projects. As a firm, ENATA incorporates some of these elements into its plans for future growth. By constantly improving, the firm can continue to attract the latest talent in the industry and stay ahead of emerging developments and would-be challengers to its crown. ENATA Best Marine & Aerospace Technology Company 2019 & Most Innovative Luxury Yacht: The FOILER Increasingly a hub of technological advancement and development, the United Arab Emirates is home to some of the world’s most innovative companies. Now, the country can add ENATA to that list, following its award-winning success inMEAMarkets Awards 2019. Effortlessly combining the best of its marine and aerospace technology, discover how the firmhas created the world’s first luxury flying yacht. Headquartered in the microcosm of ambition and innovation that is the United Arab Emirates, ENATA is an international, diversified, equipment industrial group committed to providing comprehensive and quality services across the globe. Famed for its ability to produce outstanding manufacturing quality, research, and development, ENATA focuses its attention to three core areas; marine, aerospace, and architecture. In each of the firm’s three divisions, it is aiming to be a world leader in technology, and go-to provider of state-of-the-art solutions. Whether that be some of the most advanced, manoeuvrable airborne drones, or the zenith of boating performance, ENATA is committed to innovation through science. More than simply innovating for innovation’s sake, every design and project that the teams at ENATA undertake is done so with the goal of addressing maritime and aerospace challenges in never-before-seen ways. Each division is comprised of leading experts and professionals, in order to ensure that every client Nov19520 One of the firm’s three main divisions is ENATA Aerospace, committed to delivering innovation and intuitive new technologies for the aviation industry. Designing and building the world’s most advanced unmanned aerial drones and vehicles, this firm constantly redefines what it means to be at the forefront of the industries it works in. From UAVs, to radio-controlled planes and fixed-wing drones, ENATA cater to both professional and civilian clients without conceding on the quality in the two. Currently being used by corporations and governments internationally, ENATA’s products are more than just innovation for its own sake. Taking existing drone concepts and expanding upon them to the point of remarkable innovation, the R&D experts at the firm utilise the latest and greatest in scientific and engineering techniques to bring these drones, ranging from pipeline surveillance, to coastguard and border surveillance, as well as cloud seeding, to life. Another of the firm’s three main divisions, ENATA Marine, focuses exclusively on the latest innovations and developments that can be made in the maritime and nautical industry. With a wealth of cutting-edge technology, and a shipyard most sailors could only ever dream of, the firm houses a myriad of luxury boating offerings that match the magnificence and opulence of Dubai itself. Historically a maritime city itself, there are few better places to be involved in the latest maritime innovations than Dubai. Through the beautiful collection of luxurious catamarans and yachts, discerning clients can experience everything that Dubai has to offer from the water. Exquisitely combining a flawless design with unparalleled technological innovation, the marine division of ENATA has created the next generation of luxury yachts. In what is an almost seamless blend, the FOILER brings impeccable style and racing-level technologies to a fully-carbon-built yacht that is unlike any other in the world. Imagine the comfort of gliding across a tumultuous ocean at forty knots without the bumpiness and seasickness that so often comes with rough waves. That is the luxury that ENATA seeks to offers its discerning clients with its latest offering: the FOILER. In what can only be described as one of the crowning jewels in ENATA’s already extensive collection of diamonds, is the marine division’s flagship product: the FOILER. Manufactured and built in the UAE, the FOILER is the world’s first private flying yacht. Using four retractable carbon fiber hydrofoils to elevate itself 1.5 meters above the water level, this deluxe piece of marine technology allows sailors to navigate the water with more ease and smoothness than ever before. The four hydrofoils act as stilts for the yacht, ensuring that each and every passenger does not feel or touch the water and waves below. Bad weather need not affect boaters any longer.