African Excellence Awards 2022

African Excellence Awards 2022 30 Best Integrated Security Services Provider - East Africa Having been established in 2010, Sekura International Group began under the moniker of Senaca International Limited. One of the leading, integrated security services in East Africa, its main objective is to bridge the gap in the market for the provision of good quality services at a competitive price, offering custom made, multi-layered security solutions and advisory services to public and private fraternities. Its niche, client-oriented efforts have propelled it the forefront of its industry over time, and it is excited to see where this takes it in the future. With an all-inclusive approach and a dedication to overcoming market challenges with tenacity, diligence, and discretion, Sekura International Group has become one of the fastest growing security firms in its region. Fundamentally, it operates based primarily on trust, communication, and experience, hoping to gain the trust of many more clients through operating in the most exemplary manner possible, successfully building a reputation in its market for positive impact and great customer service. This has ensured that its growth has remained on a positive upwards trajectory. Thus, it has become one of the fastest growing security firms in the region. The faith its clients have in it is something that has been cultivated by Sekura International Group’s exemplary treatment of everyone it encounters. Therefore, from its public sector clients to the private sector, it promises to deliver some of the best work they have ever seen in answering complex security needs of all sorts, serving a wide range of industries from manufacture to logistics, financial service, and corporate installations, with a unique selling point of global standards. Indeed, Sekura International Group holds international quality accreditations, implemented integrated technical and manned security solutions, and addresses all manner of different demands in order to grant its client peace of mind. In this way it does an excellent job of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to reassuring its clients that its staff can handle all manner of complicated issues. They each boast a variety of accreditations, as well as a staunch belief in the values that Sekura International Group holds dear, such as faith, integrity, discipline, and professionalism, each of which it looks for when it becomes time to recruit. Nominally, each of their hard work and excellence has allowed the company in the macro scale to overcome all manner of different challenges, from Covid-19’s increased safety restrictions to the new hurdles presented by a changing local political, social, and financial atmosphere. The introduction of new technology has helped it to and its expert staff to take each of these challenges in their stride. Moreover, each of them is supremely dedicated to helping one another, creating an exemplary internal atmosphere of mutual communication between departments that is then extended out towards the clients, and keeps everyone on the same page; customer and team both. Its survival in tough economic times, therefore, has been made possible in sincere partnerships between specialised units and spearheaded initiatives, as well as its dedication to transparency. Being 100% female led, 100% committed to client success, and 100% confident in its forward momentum, it has established itself as a leading brand with a repute that shows no signs of stopping, and so, it is only right to finish off this article with a hearty ‘watch this space’. Company: Sekura International Group Contact: Hooria Amrit Website: