African Excellence Awards 2021

18 MEA MARKETS / African Excellence Awards 2021 , May21762 An I.T. services company providing exemplary services across the board to its clients, Ha-Shem Limited is dedicated to ensuring that modern businesses have the tools and education needed to thrive in the modernworkforce. With a brilliant teamof I.T. experts who are just as adept at technological solutions as they are at customer service, it is earning itself a spotlight on the worldwide stage. Most Innovative IT Solutions Provider - West Africa Ha-Shem Limited is a highly motivated and unequivocally innovative company empowered by a great team. Overall, it drives its customer’s business productivity with its high standard of technological solutions, offered from its range of products and services tailored to its their I.T. needs and empowered by the goals of their company, making itself the all-round service that ensures its clients can stay focused on their core business values. It also offers an Academy which teaches budding minds in its field how to carry the torch of its industry into the future, emboldened by the latest techniques and technologies, and made possible by its own excellent internal operations. Dedicated to realizing its client’s business values and getting them incredible returns on their I.T. investments, Ha-Shem Limited works to promote the need for such solutions. In the modern workplace, especially in a workplace operating during a time when the world is still recovering from a global pandemic, remote solutions and technologically facilitated work is still a going concern that needs constant redress. Moreover, with multiple industries and market verticals finding themselves digitizing more than ever before, Ha-Shem Limited wishes to show that there needn’t be a barrier to any company in partaking in this new technological paradigm. From support to education, it strives to bridge this gap, and make its clients work faster, smarter, and better. This, fundamentally, requires a solution that is not just the technology, but the people able to man it, and is where Ha-Shem Limited makes itself an invaluable business partner; in this manner, it is proficient in Azure, business applications, modern workplace adaptation, security provision, network management, design, and backup, just to name a few. One of its main concerns in this way is hence to be able to identify the gaps that would benefit from being better equipped. As an I.T. solutions provider, it first and foremost wishes to talk its clients through where the potential weaknesses could be, and to work with them in their constant evolution as an organization, providing them with the correct solutions for the task. Uninterested in upselling its customers, it will always only ever recommend what it thinks will be fundamentally useful for the effectiveness of the workforce within the organization, quickly making itself the best and the most preferred advanced technological provider in the Nigeria, Africa, and global market. Its reputation for being this individually focused I.T. provisions company is something it wishes to keep expanding on and improving as it moves forward towards the future, being an organization that is slowly making its name in the global marketplace due to its exemplary work. Fundamentally, this is driven forward by its values and principles, which form the pillars of ownership, passion, pride, trust, integrity, innovation, and customer-focus at its core. To refocus in on the team that makes all of this possible, Ha- Shem Limited thanks them for their consistent and industry- leading commitment to the client and the industry, each following a rigorous process that enables it to consistently deliver services that enable clients to reduce I.T. expenses and budget a plan for their future. Company: Ha-Shem Limited Contact: Veronica Onwuachi Website: