African Excellence Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / African Excellence Awards 2021 17 , May21592 XHS Ltd is a company that is slowly cementing itself as the sole printing, documentation, and business solution management service in Nigeria. Impressing every client that it comes across, and having experienced a gradual yet scalable and healthy amount of growth taking it all across the nation and towards the surrounding countries, its innovations and solutions have made it a household name. Best Document Management & Printing Solutions Provider - Nigeria Above all, XHS (Nigeria) Ltd is Xerox’s solely authorized distribution company in the country of Nigeria. Leading the provision of document management and printing solutions both to businesses and commercial printers across its region, having been working at cementing its foothold in its industry since it began in 1996. It noted that there was a significant need for Xerox to maximize the market right on its doorstep, enticing businesses and commercial professionals in the Nigeria area to use its services, as well as providing them with the printing and document management that there was a serious gap in the market for. Before this, the Xerox business in Nigeria was managed by Rank Xerox for over 22 years. Fundamentally, XHS Ltd has been pushing for making the existing business model far better for its myriad of diverse and dynamic customers, all of whom require different solutions for different goal achievement; in this way, it realized it had to become more tailored to customer requirement as a company, adapting accordingly. It is expert in the provision of everything from printers to scanners when it comes to the actual technological solutions in question. These include multifactional all-in-one laser printers, office laser printers, digital printing presses, inkjet continuous feed presses, smart printers with a ConnectKey, and scanners such as personal and mobile scanners, production scanners, and workgroup and departmental scanners. Additionally, it offers consumables and paper, complete with the prestigious Xerox branding in order to ensure quality for a client every time. The testing of its inks and toners are conducted by independent printing evaluation companies in order to reassure its customers of not just quality, but oversight – for XHS Ltd, accountability is incredibly important – and this grants it a reliability and delivery of up to 27% higher page yields than market alternatives. Furthermore, its solutions and services include Xerox Business Services, an arm of Xerox that offers an encompasses all of its business specific streams, demonstrating Xerox equipment in action for both retail and commerce. This service unit, in essence, takes care of all printing jobs – no matter how large or how small – in order to provide exemplary printing to its clientele, meeting the contemporary needs of the modern market up to modern design specifications. Broken down into both a copy centre and facility management, the copy centre completed on-site jobs, whilst the facility management solution deals with jobs that need off-site completion. In addition, XHS Ltd offers XHS digital press, electronic document management systems, managed printing services, Office OMR, physical archiving, and full support. With branches in Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikeja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Warri, and Calabar, it is developing a vast dealership network that is spreading across the country, one satisfied client at a time; naturalistic growth like this has earned it vast amounts of client loyalty, and it enjoys regular custom from those who contract its work. Crucially, making this possible has been both XHS Ltd’s team and its consistent quality delivery policy, promising the most innovative document management and business process solutions, personally maintained by the most highly motivated and empathic staff. Each member of its team works hard to ensure that every customer’s requirements are met impeccably. In the future, it looks forward to continuing and bettering each of these efforts in order to make itself a true market leader in the world- class equipment, printing, and documentation service, hoping to expand to neighbouring countries in the coming years. Company: XHS (Nigeria) Ltd Contact: Chidiebere Ekpoafia Website: