African Excellence Awards 2021

12 MEA MARKETS / African Excellence Awards 2021 , May21260 The world of logistics has become increasingly complex over the last few years, with the need for more goods that can be transportedmore quickly at ever-decreasing costs. We take a look at the team fromHOVO, to see how their incredible application has become a saving grace for those who need to transport items fromA to B, and how it has achieved such amazing success in the African Excellence Awards 2021. Most Innovative Logistics & Supply Chain Solution 2021: HOVO As the saying goes, time is money and one of the keys to any business is finding new ways of saving on both while never compromising on quality. Certainly, that’s the ambition of the team from HOVO, who have created a new on-demand hauling mobile application that has made the delivery of goods from place to place as straightforward as possible. In the same way that the immediacy of Uber has taken the world by storm, so too has the closeness of connection between customer and truck driver on HOVO. HOVO allows its customers to choose a pickup point and destination, offering various options that ensure the choice you make is the choice you need. Once this is done, customers can confirm their request at a speed that suits them. Moving items has never been easier, with a comprehensive tracking system that not only transports items from A to B, but also allows the client to track the truck wherever it goes. The benefits of this ability to continually observe the tracking of an item has proven itself time and time again to customers who need to work closely with their transportation partners to develop their businesses. HOVO’s success has seen it gain incredible appeal across various sectors, with its array of payment methods including cash and visa ensuring that anyone can access its remarkable services as easily as possible. While headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, HOVO has become a name to remember across many different cities, keeping businesses able to continuously trade with incredible ease. The need to keep items moving has been key to the continued success of HOVO, and the team have been able to achieve the remarkable during even the most strenuous of times. Their success is something that is certainly to be celebrated, both now and moving forward into the future. Company: HOVO Name: Mohamed Baraka Email: [email protected]