African Excellence Awards 2021

MEAMARKETS / African Excellence Awards 2021 11 generate the resources to reduce funding gaps for medicines in public health facilities. With the role that the team is playing, it’s simply not enough to deliver resources to the public. One of the key roles that the team intends to play is that of adjusting the expectations of the business in terms of supply and demand. For the last three decades, National Medical Stores has transformed the supply of vital drugs and medicines, but to ensure that this supply can be maintained, it’s essential that every Ugandan makes an effort to decrease the demand on their services as well. Through eating healthy foods, washing their hands with soap before eating and after using the toilet, sleeping under insecticide treated mosquito nets, exercising regularly and wearing safety belts and helmets when in cars or on motorbikes respectively, the country can become a place that is much safer to live in. Through meeting halfway, the country will be able to make a real difference to its ambitions of healthy living. National Medical Stores plays a vital role in the development of Uganda’s healthcare system, and recent events have proven not only its value, but its sturdiness in the face of immense difficulties. As the organization approaches thirty years of service to the people of Uganda, we celebrate the success of their mission and the way in which the team are planning to expand their incredible services over the months and years to come. Company: National Medical Stores Main Office Name: Moses Kamabare Email: [email protected]