2020 African Business Excellence Awards

14 MEA MARKETS / African Business Excellence Awards 2020 , Most Innovative IT Infrastructure Consultancy 2020 VICIT Consulting Fromhumble beginnings, with only two resources and no start-up capital, VIC IT Consulting (VICIT) have successfullymanaged to organically grow the company to a highly skilled team of 40 technical people in various disciplines. With years of experience and success supporting them, we profiled VICIT following their meteoric rise to success to become one of the most innovative IT infrastructure consultancy firms operating in the industry today. Established in 2010, VICIT was founded with the ideals of creating a business which empowers people through skills development to enable them to provide solution to customers that are vendor/OEM agnostic. How the firm is able to achieve this is by putting the customers at the heart of their organisation, and help them solve complex systems and integration challenges. On a mission to lead with innovative skills, technologies and services that their clients’ can depend upon that will improve worker efficiency and achieve business results, VICIT’s strength lies in their ability to implement solutions faster, whilst optimising the use of their human capital to enable the implementation of multiple products across disciplines. VICIT’s ability to create solutions that meet business requirements, is one of the many factors that sets the firm apart from their competitors in the industry. Over the years, the team have believed in the same philosophy of keeping it simple and ensuring that it is always easy to do business with VICIT from the outset. Their service models ensures maximum uptime and enhanced performance, whilst they continuously look for opportunities to innovate. They have established a reputation for digging in the trenches with their clients to ultimately give them the best possible customer value. By taking the time to gain a deeper understanding of the inner-workings of the environments of their customers, through surveys, reviewing architectures, etc, VICIT is able to create solutions and integrate agile practices for faster deployment, whilst identifying potential pitfalls in the initial stages of a project. The team prides themselves on identifying and implementing approaches that allow their customers to find better ways to work. Enabling the firm to deliver this extraordinary level of care are the multi- skilled, multi-talented, ambitious and passionate group of individuals which form the foundation of VICIT. Many of the firm’s clients attest to the fact that the ‘ViC IT Difference’ lies in the people, with specialist skills, expert experience, and being committed to integrity. The high calibre ViC IT team is qualified and experienced. They understand business, people, IT, projects and operations, and as such provide effective, efficient solutions that supports the customer’s culture and environment. The team at VICIT are visionaries who enjoy being at the forefront of emerging technologies as well as being the one of the first firms to implement them whenever possible. When it comes to solutions, the VICIT team are pioneers, learning lessons and always finding ways to do things smarter. Ultimately, they are always looking for new ways to Jul20553 grow with their customers, providing practical support that is supported by reliable and realistic planning, as well as capable teams that ensure knowledge transfer and continuity. Digital advances have made it possible for the firm to serve the EU market from within Africa, and this has allowed exciting new opportunities for local African resources, providing them with greater exposure to mature and global markets. The development of Cybersecurity skills within the organisation has also increased the scope of VICIT’s services, giving them the competitive edge they needed to move the business forward. As the firm sets plans to expand the business by looking to open offices in East Africa, North Africa and Europe over the next five years, one thing they are excited about is empowering more Africans in the technology sector and creating a proudly African company that services customers globally over the next 10 years. Company: VICIT Consulting Contact: Nash Pillay Web Address: www.vicit.co.za

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