MEA Q2 2018 Proserv

MEAMARKETS / Q2 2018 5 NEWS , The digital marketing catalyser has recent- ly been engaged by AW Rostamani Ara- bian Automobiles for brands including Nissan, Infiniti and Renault to create effective dig- ital and social transformation. ESD has also been selected to spark full digital transformations and process re-engineering for Swiss transport concern Cippa’ Trasporti. The project wins come on the back of ESD’s inauguration of its dedi- cated Digital Transformation divi- sion, which assists global and local brands in becoming digitally native. “For far too long, digital has been tacked on to business operations as an afterthought. But compa- nies are realising that business as usual is not an option, and that digital needs to be as much a part of company DNA as traditional PR and marketing messages. This is the only way to remain competitive in markets that are growing more challenging by the day. “Our Digital Transformation team was set up with the specific remit of changing the way businesses think about digital, and help large and some- times unwieldy concerns embrace a transformation towards agility and communication in the digital space,” says ESD Co-Founder and CEO Christian Farioli. The brand has also been com- missioned for digital outreach and creative services by restaurant management start-up Foodics and German building paints brand Caparol. ESD is focusing on sup- porting the healthcare sector in particular, and has built credibility by helping hospitals, clinics and Dubai-based ESD Adds Key Clients to Digital Transformation Portfolio pharmaceutical companies suc- cessfully navigate digital spaces. “Apart from complete digital trans- formations, our team also works on bespoke contracts to support companies at any step of the dig- ital process, to spark better out- reach, create compelling stories, and generate creative journeys that audiences really respond to,” Farioli added. Demand for its expert services has propelled ESD down a path of expansion. The firm has opened a new Digital Creative division in Italy to tap the country’s traditional talents in art and creativity. A hiring spree has also seen key people join the team from big internation- al creative houses including Y&R, Leo Burnett, Accenture and PwC. “We’re delighted to be seen not just as a digital partner of choice, but also as a great place to work. We’ve been successful in attract- ing motivated, creative and talent- ed people from more established brands due to an agile and open work environment, and the nature of the work we do. Today’s crea- tive professionals aren’t just con- tent with standard career paths. They’re also looking for opportu- nities to create something mean- ingful during their exciting journeys towards success,” Farioli noted. ESD prides itself on cross-sectoral learning and experience, where best practices from one indus- try can be imported to another. The firm believes in combining its creative credentials with an evi- dence-based analytical approach to deliver measurable business benefits. cation and transaction. SteelCen- tral continues to lead the industry in delivering the most comprehen- sive, integrated and unified solu- tion for monitoring and managing the entire digital experience of the enterprise’s most precious asset: the end user.” This SteelCentral release is well aligned to address emerging en- terprise needs and in a recent Riverbed survey of business decision makers, nearly all re- spondents agreed (99%) that visibility across a customer’s dig- ital experience is critical to their business. In addition, 77% said it was critical to invest in improving the digital experience for users or customers in the next 12-months. First Unified APM and End User Experience Monitoring Solution With this release, SteelCentral delivers the first unified APM and End User Experience Monitoring solution that supports a true en- terprise view. SteelCentral ena- bles enterprises to monitor the digital experience of every user, every app in the portfolio, trouble- shoot every transaction executed and analyse the business impact of poor performance to isolate and resolve problems faster while optimising app and digital per- formance. It is critical that com- panies have digital experience management capabilities in place so that they can truly measure the digital experience. The unified solution introduc- es a single license for end user devices and applications, and is a SaaS offering. This dramat- ically simplifies procurement, de- ployment and data collection by enabling companies to quickly and flexibly deploy across ap- plications and end user devices to monitor potential changes in performance for critical transfor- mation initiatives like cloud mi- gration, data center consolidation or office expansion. It is available from Riverbed, the Riverbed part- ner community and the Service- Now Store. Unparalleled Scale for Digital Business SteelCentral has also significant- ly enhanced its industry leading scalability with a new manage- ment clustered architecture that enables companies to keep pace with the challenges of managing modern application architec- tures. Other APM vendors make a trade-off between data quality and scale – sampling transac- tions and sacrificing metadata or depth in the call stack in order to support large environments. This leaves significant user experience and application performance blind spots, making it impossible to manage and optimise every user’s experience and deliver customer intimacy. SteelCentral’s auto-tuning and data compres- sion mechanisms, along with our new clustered architecture, help to solve this big-data problem. A single analysis server can now support tens of thousands of agents, enabling our customers to monitor and manage billions of transactions per day. AI-Powered Big Data Business Analytics SteelCentral is also introducing AI-based visualisations that put the data richness to work for the business. Traditional APM tools were not built to cope with the massive data volume, high trans- action velocity and highly varied data that are generated by to- day’s digital business. With this release, Riverbed leverages its “big transaction data” alongside state-of-the-art data science con- cepts that enhances the ability for users to diagnose transaction trends over time. This release in- troduces an innovative “Prism” re- port which looks longitudinally at the conversion funnel for a busi- ness transaction flow. This view allows users to visually examine trends over time, spot issues and then proactively resolve related problems. Integration with Riverbed Xir- rus Wi-Fi Finally, this release enables cus- tomers deploying Riverbed Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions to ensure they deliver an excellent digital experi- ence to their end users leveraging these wireless access points. A bi-directional integration between Xirrus Wi-Fi and SteelCentral enables IT to rapidly identify and resolve end user issues caused by poor signal strength or device performance.